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Environment Justice Matters Vol. 4 Issue 06: ESG is 25!

This issue focuses on Biodiversity, Conservation, Climate Change, Threatened Commons, Adivasi Rights, Climate Change, Urban and Infrastructures Maldevelopment, and Judicial Interventions for Sustainable Development.

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Environment Justice Matters Vol. 4 Issue 05: ESG Turns 25!

This issue focuses on Adivasi Rights, Climate Change Updates and relevant Policy Developments, Environmental Degradation and Pollution, People’s Participation in Conservation, Environmental Jurisprudence, Distributed Renewable energy, Disastrous Urban Expansion and Conserving Water Commons.

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ESG Webinar Series on Tackling Air Pollution

‘ESG Webinar Series on Tackling Air Pollution’ is a 4-part webinar series organised by ESG which will address pertinent questions relating to the deteriorating air quality in India and other places.

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Seed Activism: Patent Politics And Litigation In The Global South

In “Seed Activism”, Karine Peschard explores how patenting seeds and turning them into financialised, corporatised and commodified industrial products threatens farm and food securities of the world now and into the future.

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EJ Matters Vol 3. Issue 13 : Climate Change and the 27th Conference of UNFCCC Parties (COP27) and more

27th COP of United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change at the seaside resort city of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt during 6th – 20th November 2022. The main gain, it appears, is the decision to establish and operationalize a ‘loss and damage fund’ which most vulnerable countries have been demanding for decades now

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Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change is proposing to amend all environmental laws of India, by a process that is widely considered as undemocratic and intransparent. ESG in collaboration with NLSIU organised a National Consultation on these proposals. Access the report of this consultation.

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Concrete galore: The transformation of Bengaluru

The concretising didn’t stop with roads; like a cancer it spread across to pavements, as paved regions into parks, and even into urban forests like Turahalli where, thankfully, public resistance stopped it. But the phenomenon is so widespread now, that it shows up in satellite imageries, and when it rains, the city floods in no time as there is simply no open ground for water to percolate. And in summer ‘heat islands’ result, desiccating what little greenery is left.

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Securing Skilled Jobs for the Present and the Future

Good research-based approaches to skill building are the need of the hour in order to identify the right approaches in building a broad spectrum of jobs. Anticipating Skill Needs for Green Jobs is a study that offers practical guidance on building employment opportunities  and developing short term job oriented skill courses.  From the experiences of the pandemic it has been learned that it is certainly more beneficial for society overall to provide a range of skill training – from farm-based activities to non-farm skills – and speaking to the  needs of the region, even at the very local  levels. It is such an approach of care that will help youth in making wise choices to secure their futures, in ensuring economic security of their households and to look to the future with dignity and confidence.

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