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World Bank Pulls Out of Amaravati Capital City Project: A Major Victory to People, Activists Say

In a significant move, which will have repercussions at multiple levels, yesterday the World Bank has decided to pull out of the $300 million lending to the Amaravati Capital City project in Andhra Pradesh. For more information following this good news, please visit the following website:

People’s Convention Vows To Challenge Undemocratic & Destructive Global Finance

Resolves to Build Political and Economic Alternatives 23 June 2018 Downloads: PCIF Declaration 23 June 2018 Press Statement People’s Convention Vows to Challenge Undemocratic & Destructive Global Finance: Resolves to Build Political and Economic Alternatives Mumbai, June 23: “The international financial institutions like AIIB (Asia Infrastructure and Investment Bank) must function in a deeply democratic manner respectful of national sovereignty,… Read more »

International Call Demanding World Bank Withdraw Its New Environmental And Social Framework

The Policy is an attack on Fundamental Human Rights and efforts to secure Environmental and Social Justice for All 10 October 2014 Downloads: World Bank Envt and Social Safety Framework with Comments International Call to World Bank to Withdraw Safeguards Framework Safeguard People and the Planet Not Corporate Profit and Human Rights Abuses Over the past couple of years, officials of the World Bank have been jetting around the world… Read more »

World Bank’s Sham ‘consultation’ To Review Its Environmental And Social Safeguards Shut Down In Bangalore

Peoples Movements and Environmental and Social Action Groups issue Joint Statement 8 April 2013 Downloads: Release on Shutting Down World Bank’s Sham Consultation in Bangalore About 25 activist representatives, researchers, environmental specialists, policy analysts, lawyers and health professionals from a wide range of social and environmental action groups, peoples networks and movements of Karnataka, forced the closure of The World… Read more »

Prime Minister Of India: Stop The Establishment Of National Investment Board

Call to sign on a Petition (original source) 11 October 2012 Downloads: Petition to Prime Minister urging him from establishing National Investment Board Indian Finance Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram with characteristic confidence declared couple of weeks ago that the National Investment Board (NIB) that he proposed to the Cabinet would be a reality in a matter of weeks.  Little did… Read more »