COVID-19: Why We Must Reorganise Cities To Deal With The Third Wave

There have been innumerable efforts in the past by civil society, trade unions, academia, public health experts and others who repeatedly stressed the crucial importance of strengthening local governance as key to mitigating and managing problems. These efforts have reached various High Courts and the Supreme Court too as Public Interest Litigations, trying to make local governance work. But the hubristic reliance and faith in centralised management has been such that even court orders directing public involvement in decision-making have all been disregarded. The whims and fancies of a few in power have prevailed with technology-based solutions for the pandemic.

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Press Conference: CM Of Karnataka, Act Now Against Communalisation Of The Covid Crisis

View Full Conference Report Report of Press Conference held via Zoom on 6th May 2021, 3 pm Opening the press conference, Ms. Bhargavi Rao, Trustee of Environment Support Group noted “We have lost so many of our loved ones, not so much because of the virus as because of malgovernance.” She drew particular attention to the unnecessary deaths that happened in Gulbarga and Chamrajnagar due to the appalling lack of oxygen in hospitals. She pointed out that at

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Bangalore Response To Gujarat Earthquake

  ESG worked with Bangalore Response, a network of various NGOs and health based organisations, in responding with disaster relief and rehabilitation efforts during the January 2001 Gujarat Earthquake.  ESG played a significant role in coordinating and disseminating earthquake relief and rehabilitation information. Details at: 

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