Environment Support Group

UN ‘Water for Life’ Best Practices Award, 2012

Environment Support Group was awarded UN Water’s ‘best practices’ award in 2012 for its efforts in “Protection of Bangalore Lakes for Posterity – Setting a Legal Precedent for Conservation of Lakes as Commons, India”.  Leo F. Saldanha, Coordinator of ESG presented the organisations initiatives to protect and conserve lake networks to an audience that included:

  • Secretary, Water Resources, Brazilian Government *
  • Ms. Blanca Jiménez-Cisneros. Vice-Chair UN-Water, Director Division of Water Sciences UNESCO
  • Mr. Jorge Miguel Samek. Brazilian General Director of Itaipu Binacional.
  • Mr. James Spalding. Paraguayan General Director of Itaipu Binacional.
  • Mr. Vicente Andreu Guillo. President Director of the Brazilian National Water Agency – ANA.
  • Mr. Nelton Friedrich. Director of Coordination of Itaipu Binacional
  • Mr. Idibek Kalandarov. Head of the International Organizations Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan
  • Mr. Lupercio Ziroldo Antonio. President of the Brazilian network of hydrographic basins. REBOB.
  • Ms. Josefina Maestu. Director, UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC), Coordinator, United Nations Office to Support the International Decade for Action ‘Water for Life’ 2005-2015
  • Ms. Alice Bouman-Dentener. Honorary Founding President of Women for Water Partnership (WFWP) 

A Report entitled, ‘Five years of UN-Water “Water for Life” Awards 2011-2015‘ can be read here.

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