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25 Years of ESG

25 years advancing human rights, environmental and social justice – ESG welcomes your Contributions

Environment Support Group, as an environmental, social justice and governance initiative, turns 25 this year.  We are commemorating this milestone by doing even more of what we have done over the past quarter century.

ESG officially turns 25 during April 2023.

If we travel back in time to our formative years, and from that time perch view ESG of today, the feeling is rewarding. We feel happy to have  consistently worked advancing environmental and social justice concerns through all the challenges the quarter century offered us. We also feel grateful for the help, support and solidarity we have received from hundreds of individuals and organisations across India and the world, which energised us to do more.

At a time when space for civil society organisations is shrinking, even confronted out of existence, working with communities at risk and in need of critical support for building imaginaries of a better and just world is a difficult choice.  This choice is made easier with the support we have received from academia, various officers of the State and the pathbreaking decisions in response to our public interest litigations from the Judiciary. Media support has helped navigate complex terrains advancing and securing human rights and environmental and social justice. 

To commemorate ESG’s work over the past 25 years, we have organised a major event at Bangalore International Centre on Thursday, 27th April. Please mark your calendars and do please come, if you are in Bangalore, or join online from wherever you are. We will share details about this soon.  

Besides, we will be organising a series of public engagements across India on the criticality of making environmental justice central to our decision making.  Through this news digest, our website and social media handles will keep you posted.

We will be honouring our long term partners from local communities who have walked this walk with us, whilst also developing new interventions to extend support to newer communities at risk and in more regions across India. 

We will also be intensifying our efforts working with local and regional governments, as well legal services authorities and regulatory institutions countrywide, in advocating and advancing environmental justice. Similarly, we will develop new research and academic programmes and build new collaborations to deepen understanding of environmental and social justice necessary to address climate change and its wide ranging impacts. 

All this needs your continued support and monetary contributions. We hope to raise Rs. 2.5 crores (Rs. 25 million) in the coming year to make all these possible.  We are counting on your support!

We are eternally grateful for your continuing support and solidarity

ESG Team

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