Tackling COVID-19 Sensibly – A Conversation With Dr. Kashinath Dixit

Environment Support Group invites you to participate in a conversation with Dr. Kashinath Dixit, an Endocrinologist who has worked for decades in the United Kingdom and been closely involved in responding to the COVID waves that affected the region. He is now also helping a variety of vulnerable communities across India to take precautions, stay healthy and recover from the disease

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Stay Alert! Archive Of Human Rights Issues In Times Of COVID-19

Police Brutality:  As India goes into an extended lockdown till 3rd May 2020, a range of police excesses have been reported. Instead of helping distraught citizens cope with these frustrating and hungry times, various accounts of police brutality has demonstrated an aggressive face of the government. While public messaging has spoken essentially to the needs of middle and upper classes, the poor are running from pillar to post in search of food and socio-economic security,

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Swept Under The Carpet: Stories Of Criminal Neglect Of Powrakarmikas Across Karnataka During The COVID-19 Pandemic

A report about the working conditions of Powrakarmikas across Karnataka has been prepared after speaking to powrakarmikas across the state. Many of them are still to be paid wages, they are working without protective equipment, food or transport. If the government does not take any steps soon, there is a great danger of workers falling prey to Corona like it happened in Mumbai. The report has been prepared by several unions/associations working with Powrakarmikas across

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