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A collation of webinars organised by ESG on various issues and concerns, often in collaboration with other organisations.

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Week 5 Webinar Report: Securing Biodiversity Rich, Healthy, Socially Inclusive and Economically Viable Commons in Bengaluru

“Commons bring people of the city together. It gives an opportunity to mix people from various communities…In a public park you will find people from a diverse set of communities; people from across caste and class economic status and so on and that is important for us to broaden our minds also. Otherwise we are just limited and living in our own silos”

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Week 5: Securing Biodiversity Rich, Healthy, Socially Inclusiveand Economically Viable Commons in Bengaluru

Densely crowded, polluted, non-inclusive and stress-inducing concretised spaces are making neighbourhoods increasingly vulnerable to various impacts of climate change such as flooding and the ‘heat island’ effect. How, into the future, can the metropolis secure biodiversity rich, healthy and economically viable spaces for all?

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Week 4: Food for Thought: Towards an Environmentally Sustainable and Socially Just Food System

Bengaluru metropolitan area every day takes a lot of effort, energy, land, water and complex logistics. From a time when the city was growing and sourcing almost all its foods from the local region and backyard gardens, rising wealth and associated consumer capacity has resulted in foods with a high carbon and environmental footprint being fetched from far away, even from across the world. The metropolitan region now contributes far less food production than before, even as its expansion strains rural areas close by in sustaining farming.

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Week 3: Making Bengaluru Water Secure

Bengaluru’s insatiable demand for water has not only exhausted its replenishable ground water reserves, and overdrawn its share of the Cauvery, but now plans are afoot to extract water from the far away Sharavathi river. Meanwhile, the acute financialization of land sans rigorous and democratic land use planning has resulted in lakes and other water commons that once sustained the city’s water needs being cannibalised.

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Week 2 Webinar Report: Public Health, Sanitation And Waste Management: Is A Decentralized Approach The Way Out?

Public health, sanitation and waste management sectors are intricately linked in not only ensuring all are healthy, but that the toxic impacts of our living are not a burden for future generations. It has been argued time and again that centralised response strategies are resource heavy and cause societal dysfunctionality, and the way forward is to ensure ward-level governance becomes real in every way, especially in securing public health and sanitation for all.

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Week 2: Public Health, Sanitation and Waste Management: Is a Decentralised Approach the Way Out?

One of the first challenges that climate planning throws up is: how to deal with climate change and its impacts? Is decentralisation of governance the most optimal way out? Public health, sanitation and waste management sectors are intricately linked in not only ensuring all are healthy, but that the toxic impacts of our living are not a burden for future generations.

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Bengaluru’s Climate Action Plan: Inaugural Session Report

The series is a process of engaging with multiple thematic issues, concerns and imaginaries of leading officials of various agencies whose functioning impacts the city, with subject matter experts, youth, representatives of various sectors and residents from diverse sections of the city. And it is also a process of collectivising diverse views and solutions with necessary nuance.

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Webinar Series: ‘Better Bus Bengaluru’

The final webinar as part of the “Better Bus Bengaluru” campaign with #BengaluruMoving is on Friday, 28th August 2020 (4-6 pm on Zoom and Facebook) when we will address the theme: “Streamlining and calming traffic, and making cities inclusive for all”.

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IMPRI #WebPolicyTalk on Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification 2020: Reflections and the Way Forward

On behalf of the Center for Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CECCSD) at IMPRI, and the Department of Energy and Environment at the TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS), New Delhi, with India Water Portal as Media Partner,is pleased to have you join us for the IMPRI #WebPolicyTalk on:

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Rewilding degraded landscapes/Habitats with native plants: A chat with Pradip Krishen and Govinda Bowley

Rewilding and restoration of degraded landscapes are slowly entering the public imagination. Planting degraded habitats with native species is a powerful way to initiate and support ecological revival. In this online chat with two practitioners we explore restoration efforts in two biomes in India

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