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Interdisciplinary Action Research: Conversations with Emerging Leaders.

A collaborative Initiative of CFA and ESG
Why these Conversations?

In a world where the new normal is of masks, ‘social  distancing’ and work from home, and almost everyone is still adjusting to lockdowns, containment zones, isolation and quarantine of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, just about everything about us demands a fresh rethinking.  As national and globally economies plummet, unorganised ad informal communities who constitute a majority of the economic population are left grievously impaired. 

In this climate of despair, various young researchers and activists have been working on emerging trends in Interdisciplinary Action Research which address some of the most pressing issues of our times, and that from various sectors: urban planning, public health, sociology, ecology and environment, digital commons, public education, migration studies, entrepreneurship, informal economy, and more.

Such ideas and explorations deserve public focus.  Given the post-pandemic situation, and difficulties to meet and discuss such ideas,  CFA and ESG collaborate to bring to focus various exciting explorations by young researchers from across India.  In this webinar series we draw attention to such quiet and inter-disciplinary efforts by emerging researchers and leaders, through in-depth and engaging conversations. In the process, the series aims to create spaces for interaction between academia and civil society, and also students and the wide public.

These webinars will be scheduled every Thursday, 5 pm – 6.30 pm IST, and is open to all with prior registration.

Organised by:
Environment Support Group – www.esgindia.org
Centre for Financial Accountability – www.cenfa.org

Session 10:Rewilding Humans

Final Session: Rewilding Humans: Nature Education At The Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

Session 9:Midwifery is the past, present and future of birth

Press Release

Chetana Kulkarni, Cofounder The Birth Home & Mallige, Social activist

Chetana Kulkarni

Chetana Kulkarni is a birth worker for the past 8-9 years. As the co-founder of The Birth Home, Midwifery Care and Birth Centre, she has been working in prenatal, labour , birth, postpartum care and breastfeeding support. She is passionate about providing families with another option to give birth using their natural, in built abilities with the right environment, support and care; outside of hospitals.


Ms. Mallige is working with a peoples movement called Karnataka Janashakthi as an Activist. Janashakthi works on a variety of issues with youth, urban and rural poor in collaboration with many organisations.

Session8: Janapada Khadi: A Step Towards Swaraj Development

Press Release

Session 7: Ensuring ‘Commons’ in Digital commons: Licensing & Ownership

Press Release

Anivar Aravind is a Public Interest Technologist working in the intersection of technology, law and human rights. He is a free and open-source evangelist and contributed to various digital commons movements. He has made significant interventions in technology policy, Internet Governance, language technology, identity, digital payments etc. He is part of the leadership team in Swathanthra Malayalam computing and currently serving in the advisory board of Software Freedom Law Centre, India (SFLC.in)

Session 6: TATA Mundra: The Valiant Struggle Of The Fishworkers

Press Release

Anuradha Munshi is a Research Coordinator with CFA and has been working on the accountability of international financial institutions for almost a decade now.
Bharat Patel: Bharat Patel is the general secretary of Machimar Adhikar Sangharsh Sangathan. He has been along with the community at the forefront of the struggle against Tata, IFC, and many other fights against the massive industrialization of Mundra coast.
We have supported the Machimar Adhikar Sangharsh Sangathan in holding international financial institutions accountable for the social and environmental destruction and the damage they have caused in Mundra.
Session 5: Migrant health: Perspectives & Challenges

Session 5 Press Release

Divya Ravindranath’s doctoral work looked at maternal health and child malnutrition in migrant households engaged in construction work. In this ethnographic study, she conducted field work at construction sites in the city of Ahmedabad to study workers’ experiences and perceptions of maternal and child health status, households’ ability to access healthcare and government programs. Currently, she is a researcher at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements where her work focuses on the intersection of migrant informal labour, gender and health.

Dr. Abha Rao has a PhD in Family Studies & Human Development with a concentration in Medical Anthropology from the University of Arizona. She has worked on migrant and refugee issues for two decades. Her current area of research is examining the sexual and reproductive health issues of temporary women migrant construction workers.

Session 4 on10th Sept 2020: Digital Commons: Action-Research Perspectives

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Week 3 – Enabling Human-elephant Coexistence Through Mobile Technology

Press Release

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Speakers: Vinod Krishnan and Dr.M Ananda Kumar, Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore

Week 2 – Cityscape Transformation And Crisis Of Conservation: A Comparison Of Kolkata Wetlands And Bangalore’s Lake Systems

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Sana Huque has a Masters degree in Geography from Delhi School of Economics and Ph.D. in Sociology from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. In her Ph.D. thesis, Sana has studied wetland loss, as well as its conservation, from a sociological perspective, and with a special focus on the East Kolkata Wetlands. Sana is associated with ESG as a Senior Research Associate.

Vinay Kumar is an Intellectual Property consultant, specializing in the area of medical devices. He has been involved in civic activism with various citizen groups in Bangalore. His areas of interest are local self-governance, environment and heritage conservation.

Week 1The Curious Case Of Indian Smart Cities

Press Release

Speakers: Gaurav Dwivedi and Chinmay Mishra

Gaurav Dwivedi is associated with Centre for Financial Accountability (CFA) and is based in Bhopal. He has been researching privatisation, reforms and public-private partnership projects in public services like water supply and sanitation. He is currently working on infrastructure finance including mapping and researching financial aspects of infrastructure projects like smart cities and industrial corridors in India.

Chinmay Mishra is a senior journalist based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He has been closely associated with various social movements in the region like the Narmada Andolan. He has been the editor of Sarvodaya Press Service and heads the Sarvodaya Mandal in the state. He writes regularly in dailies on emerging issues.

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