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Your Participation Can Make Bengaluru’s Climate Action Plan More Inclusive

Thank you to those of you who have joined us in the ongoing webinar series “Bengaluru’s Climate Action: Making it Participatory and Inclusive“. If you are yet to register for the series, you can do so here.
Bengaluru’s people have always been active and conscious about their natural right to participate in decision making about their city and its future. The webinar series is yet another instance of that. We are excited to be involved in catalysing a constructive dialogue process for namma ooru to evolve an inclusive and participatory climate action plan, and thus support the BBMP in meeting its Paris Climate Agreement targets, as it has recently proposed to do. 

Help Us Make This Series More Participatory. 

In the sessions we have hosted so far, speakers have thoughtfully suggested various viable actions and strategies to address public health, sanitation, managing consumption and waste, inclusive mobility, clean energy, and advancing water security, all towards developing a comprehensive climate action plan for Bengaluru. Several of you have sent in questions and comments on these suggestions, and these have either been posed to the speakers during the webinar sessions or have been shared with them for their feedback. 
To make these ongoing conversations even more accessible to all, we invite you to:

  • provide comments, suggestions, feedback, and questions on the proposals that are emerging during the course of the webinar series,
  • pose questions for future sessions, whether for particular speakers or generally, and 
  • give other ideas and suggestions that you would like to see incorporated in Bengaluru’s climate action plan. 

You can send us your inputs by filling this simple Google Form.

Reports and videos of past webinars as part of these series are accessible here

How Will This Help?

We plan to collate all inputs and present them during the final session of the webinar series in the form of a consolidated report of the series and also of the aspirations of the peoples of Bengaluru. We sincerely hope that this process helps Bengaluru move forward on its path to making an inclusive and participatory climate action plan for the benefit of the present generation and generations to come.

Join Our Next Sessions

We also invite you to participate in the upcoming session in the webinar series, on 17th May 2021. Register Now.

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