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Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day at Champu Khangpok Floating Village, Loktak, Manipur


Event Recording accessible @ https://www.facebook.com/vmjohn/videos/373482991163267


9th October 2021  is World Migratory Bird Day! We are celebrating this day at Champu Khagpok Floating Village which is in the midst of Manipur’s Loktak, a prominent Ramsar site of North East India. The event is being organized by Champu Khangpok Floating Village Committee and All Loktak Area Fishermen’s Union (ALLAFUM) in association with Environment Support Group, Bangalore, and Indigenous Perspectives, Imphal. Dr. S. Subramanya, a noted ornithologist and wetland expert, who recently authored the report “Avifaunal patterns in the Lakes of Bangalore over three decades:1989-2020” will be speaking at the event.

The community of fishers who have lived in and around the lake for several generations recognizes that the migratory birds are integral to the ecosystem of the Loktak wetland area and hence need protection. The community has also adopted several measures to protect the winged visitors. However, there have been recent attempts by the Government of Manipur and the Forest Department to introduce conservation models that are alien and exclusive of the local fishing communities. Therefore, the event will have representatives from the fishing communities speak about the strategies adopted by the community to protect the birds.

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