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Coalition for Environmental Justice in India urges Leonardo Dicaprio to back down on his endorsement of ‘Cauvery Calling’

Dear Mr. DiCaprio,                             

You have taken enormous responsibility in playing a leading role in promoting rights of indigenous communities, protecting wildlife, case sensitively promoting conservation strategies, and, needless to state, pushing for clear action to tackle global warming.  Your actions are globally influential and help boost, and immensely, positive and progressive efforts for human rights and the environment.  Which, we are sure, you undertake with necessary and due caution. It appears to us, the Coalition for Environmental Justice in India, however, that you may not have been appropriately advised in supporting the ‘Cauvery Calling’ campaign advanced by Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation.

Cauvery, from its origins in the high mountains of Kodagu in Karnataka, is a river that drains a substantial part (over 81 000 sq. km.) of southern India.  Without its life nurturing flows, livelihoods of millions of farmers and fisherfolk would collapse, and agriculture and cities would disintegrate into chaos.  Besides, biodiversity, forests, grasslands and the massive deltaic region that this river nurtures would be devastated.  

In recent decades, a slew of projects have been promoted by diverting the river’s waters with massive dams, to support water intensive agriculture, generate hydropower and bring water to ever expanding urban and industrial projects, all without informed and democratic decision making.  Thereafter, the mostly untreated refuse water from cities and industries is drained back into the river, causing havoc to her life sustaining capacities – making stretches of the river amongst the most polluted in India.  Yet, Cauvery’s waters are a critical resource to four southern states of India, and are being contested over intensely, resulting even in violent conflicts between peoples of the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Clearly, Cauvery needs all the help she can get now. In that sense, your support to rejuvenate Cauvery is very welcome.

However, the ‘Cauvery Calling’ campaign is not a programme that comprehends the river basin’s realities, and her future well being.  It appears to be a programme that presents, rather simplistically, that the river can be saved by planting trees on banks of her streams, rivulets, tributaries and the floodplains of the river.  

Planting trees is welcome, but only when it is done where needed, and by choosing appropriate species. It is a process that is best done consultatively, based on local needs, and sensitive to local ecological dynamics. Besides, such a programme must be undertaken with appropriate social action – ground up, involving constitutionally empowered Panchayats, and statutory Forest Rights Committees, Biodiversity Management Committees, Ward Committees, etc. Needless to add, tree planting is only one of the many many activities that are needed to rejuvenate the river; and tree planting alone won’t achieve the critical task of saving Cauvery. It is also important to note that even when tree planting is taken up in the most appropriate way, as described above, there is a critical need to stop mindless destruction of forests and watersheds of the Cauvery, which is taking place extensively across the rivers’ watersheds, all in the name of ‘development’. 

The tree planting promoted by Isha Foundation, by inviting people to donate money to plant 2,420,000,000 trees, may appear incredibly attractive. But on deeper investigation it comes across as a method that promotes a monoculturist paradigm of landscape restoration which people of India have rejected long ago. Besides, such a programme could create unintended and unforeseen social and ecological consequences, as planting trees in certain regions (grasslands and floodplains for instance) could result in drying up of streams and rivulets, and destruction of wildlife habitats. Further, it can also lead to encroachments of the floodplains and riverbeds, as has happened at numerous places.

Isha Foundation has very low credibility in conforming with Indian laws protecting human rights and environment. No less an authority than the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, a constitutional body, has reported that the foundation has built its headquarters into an elephant corridor and on land belonging to Adivasis (original inhabitants of India, who are indigenous communities).  It is also noted that Mr. Jaggi Vasudev and Isha Foundation have often resorted to populist and simplistic methods on various public concerns, and thus aiding denigration of systematic and serious efforts necessary to address complex environmental and social justice causes. 

As a matter of fact, a Public Interest Litigation has already been filed in the Karnataka High Court against fund collection for ‘Cauvery Calling’. The link you have shared on your Facebook page of the Isha website reveals that the volume of money being gathered is over Rs. 10000 crores (US$ 1.5 billion). The implications of such massive funds being made available to a private foundation, particularly one that as a very weak, and rather dubious, record of compliance of human rights and environmental laws, is quite worrying. ‘Waterman of India’ Rajendra Singh has remarked that Jaggi Vasudev’s ‘Cauvery Calling’ is a campaign “just to earn name and money”. 

It is our considered view that you may have been poorly advised, or not have had the time to personally investigate the back ground of the promoters of ‘Cauvery Calling’, before you embraced the programme with this message on Facebook: India’s rivers are severely endangered with many of its smaller rivers vanishing. Join Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation in their fight to preserve the Cauvery River.”  Indeed the first part of your message is most welcome. However, we urge you to withdraw the second part of the message, as it amounts to promoting Isha Foundations ‘Cauvery Calling’. This is not a programme that will protect Cauvery, her forests, her biodiversity, her children, and her childrens’ children. It will certainly not save Cauvery. On the contrary, support for this kind of a campaign sets a very wrong precedent. 

We invite you to the Cauvery basin so you may appreciate first-hand the kind of hard work essential to safeguard Cauvery for perpetuity.  It will also be an opportunity to experience the deep humanisms intrinsic to peoples of the Cauvery basin, and a time to notice the amazing natural diversity that abounds her graceful spread across South India. We would like you to join our grassroots based, consultative, collective and networked efforts, to rejuvenate Cauvery. Meanwhile, we urge you to withdraw your call for support to ‘Cauvery Calling’ for reasons cited above.


Handed over by:

Leo F. Saldanha, Coordinator, Environment Support Group

On behalf of Coalition for Environmental Justice in India

 24th September 2019

(Address for contact: ESG, 1572, Ring Road, Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore 560070. Tel: +91-80-26713316/26713560 Email: [email protected] )

Endorsed by:

Movements, Networks and Civil Society Organistions:

All India Forum of Forest Movements

All India People’s Forum 

All India Union of Forest Working People

All India Women’s Hawkers Federation

Alternative Law Forum Karnataka

Aruna Rodrigues, Lead Petitioner in Supreme Court for a moratorium on GMOs

Baiga Adhikar Shakti Sangathan

Baiga Mahila Sangathan

Beyond Copenhegan Collective

Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha, New Delhi

Bhumi Adhikar Andolan, Odisha

Bindrai Institute for Research Study and Action, Jharkhand

Caste Annihilation Movement, Chhattisgarh

Centre for Financial Accountability New Delhi

Chennai Solidarity Group, Chennai

Chhattisgarh Hawker Federation, Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Mahila Adhikar Manch, Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha, Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Nagrik Sanyukt Sangharsh Samiti, Chhattisgarh

Citizens Concern for Dams & Development

Citizens Forum for Mangalore Development, Mangalore

Coastal Action Network

Dalit Mukti Morcha,Chhattisgarh

Delhi Forum, Delhi

Delhi Solidarity Group, New Delhi

Domestic Workers’ Union, Delhi

Environics Trust, New Delhi

Environment Support Group, Bengaluru

Equations, Bangalore

Financial Accountability Network India, New Delhi

Focus on the Global South, New Delhi

Ghar Banao Ghar Bachao Andolan, Mumbai

Hawker Adhikar Rakashwa Committee

Hawker Sangram Committee

Henri Tiphagne, People’s Watch, Madurai

South Asia Network of Dams, Rivers & People (SANDRP)

Himdhara – Environment Research and Action Collective, Himachal Pradesh

India Climate Justice

Indian Social Action Forum

Indigenous Perspectives, Manipur

INSOCO, Kerala

Institute for Democracy & Sustainability, Delhi

Intercultural Resources, New Delhi

Jan Sangharsh Vahini, Delhi

Jharkhand Jangal Bachao Andolan, Jharkhand

Jharkhand Mines Area Co-ordination Committee, Jharkhand

Joe Athialy Centre for Financial Accountability, New Delhi

Kabani, Kerala

Kerala Swathantra Matsya Tozhylali Federation, Kerala

Khan Kaneej Aur Adhikar, Jharkhand

Kisan Janta, Kerala

Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, Madhya Pradesh

Lok Adhikar Shakti Sangathan

Lok Raj Sangathan

Lok Shakti Abhiyan, Odisha

Machimaar Adhikaar Sangharsh Sangathan, Gujarat

Manthan Aadhyan Kendra, Madhya Pradesh / Maharashtra

Matu Jan Sangathan, Uttarakhand

Mines, Minerals and People

Mitanin Swastya Seva Sanghatan, Chhattisgarh

Nadi Ghati Morcha, Chhattisgarh

Narmada Bachao Andolan Madhya Pradesh

National Alliance of People’s Movements

National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights

National Fishworker’s Forum

National Hawkers Federation

Navadanya, New Delhi

Nayi Rajdhani Prabhavit Kissan Kalyan Samiti, Chhattisgarh

New Trade Union Initiative

North Bengal Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers

North East Peoples Alliance, Manipur

Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti, Gujarat

Peoples Forum Against ADB

Plachimada Solidarity Committee

Pondicherry Slum Dwellers Federation, Pondicherry

Public Finance Public Accountability Collective

Public Services International

Rastriya Rajmarg Prabhavit Kissan Nagarik Samiti, Chhattisgarh

River Basin Friends

Rural Volunteers Centre

Samajwadi Samagam


Sanyukt Trade Union Council, Chhattisgarh

South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People, New Delhi

Srijan Lokhit Samiti, Madhya Pradesh

Teeradesa Mahla Vedi, Kerala

The Research Collective, New Delhi

Toxics Watch Alliance, New Delhi

Trans National Institute

Vidharbha Van Adhikar Sanghatana

Water Initiatives

Working Group on International Financial Institutions

Ashok Shrimali, Mines, Minerals & People, New Delhi


Aditi Chanchani, Bangalore

Anil T Varghese, Delhi Solidarity Group, New Delhi

Bharat Mansata, author, editor, activist and co-founder of ‘Earthcare Books’ (Kolkata)

Himanshu Thakkar, Environmental Activist and Water Expert, Coordinator-South Asia Network of Dams, Rivers & People (SANDRP)

Meena Subramaniam, Independent artist, Kumily, Kerala

Namrata Kabra, Environmental Lawyer, New Delhi

Niraj Bhatt, Life Science Researcher, Chennai

Nityanand Jayaraman, Chennai Solidarity Group, Chennai

N. Murali, The Hindu, Chennai

N. Ram, The Hindu, Chennai

Om Prakash Singh, Environment and Climate Action, Chennai

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Author, Academic, Film-maker, Journalist

Ramnarayan, Ecologist, Uttarakhand

Ranganathan Manohar, CARE,Bangalore

Ravi Rebbapragara, Samata, Visakhapatnam

Sana Huque, Sahana Subramanian, Mallesh K. R., Abhijna Bellur, Environment Support Group

Sharachchandra Lele, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & the Environment, Bangalore

Sharadha Narayanan, Senior Researcher- Environment and Climate Action, Chennai

Simar Kohli Das, Lifetide Collective for Water Sustainability, Justice and Harmony, Bangalore

S. Saroja, Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group, Chennai

Subha Deivanayagam, Chennai

Suprabha Seshan, Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, Kerala

Tara Murali, Architect, Chennai

Vandana Shiva, Navdanya, New Delhi

Vinay K Sreenivasa, Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore

To see Isha Foundation’s response, click here

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47 thoughts on “Coalition for Environmental Justice in India urges Leonardo Dicaprio to back down on his endorsement of ‘Cauvery Calling’

  • Please support Sadhguru 🙏🏼Do not doubt his work!!!

  • Neer

    Reminds me of the Hundred authors against Einstein (many of whom were renowned scientists of the time). People can really sell themselves when it comes to getting fame (or even money for that matter). I won’t judge these cheapos – they have to do something for living after all even if it comes at the cost of deriding someone else

  • What saddens me as an Indian is that, in the name of Environmentalist, intellects and educated, these people go to any distance to spoil the other persons good work. J. Saldana and other judges, if put on public about their acts, deeds and things, can they even stand to do whatever they do. If not anything, entering into conflict with a social cause, because, “I am not a party” shows the mean mentality and relying on “wire”s article and third rated people like Subhashini Ali and despite the fact that there is no elephant corridors anywhere near ISHA in coimbatore, some corrupt Forest Officers stalling issuance of NOC (just and NOC as the forest is near by and the application filed in 2011 (despite the panchayat issuing all the requisite approvals and collecting taxes, etc.,) and keeping it pending for 8 years now and on the basis of which, some stupid intellect weed in the comptroller and Auditor general certainly associated with the lobbyist wiring sincerely about the non issuance of NOC, rejecting Government Clarification shows the way not only our poor intellectual knowledge but shows the blatant prejudice against one organisation. What is surprising is Mr. Saldana has no time to check the thousands of acres of land looted and coercive conversion done in the same location by their brother/sister organisation Karunya. The press, media has no interest in touching these land grabbers and conversions done by inducements. I can write many, but in the name of environmental protection, hope these people will not destroy the mankind, merely because, they are not part of the goodwork. On the hindsight, if this is the manner in which they carry on their work, for sure they cannot be and will not do any good to neither environement nor humanity.

  • John McMahon

    This article is very poorly researched and very irresponsible. I urge the authors to look deeper into the Cauvery Calling initiative and review the positive impact and awareness it is creating in South Asia.. Please go through the proposal and understand the documents submitted to the government.

  • Anil

    Some good initiative is better that no initiative at all. Restoring the vegetation and trees would at least reduce the carbon foot print and reduce the effect of climate change resulting in cooler temperatures and thereby increasing the chances of rain. This initiative can extend the vegetation of western ghats and provide a eco-balance.

  • K M Karthik

    I am baffled by this response from an environmental group. I am no expert in environmental matters but planting trees is good right?

    It seems to me that the main focus of this letter is to malign the image of Jaggi and Isha. The article goes so far as to judge the possible utilisation of funds which is quite unwarranted and unprofessional.

    Instead of dialogue with Isha they have chosen to malign Isha because Isha’s approach could be wrong? Or are these people questioning the intention?

    What has ESG done for India? I have seen such people work! They use book knowledge and statistical tools to arrive at pessimistic conclusions(mostly to get attention of academics or to get doctrates) with no concrete solutions.

    India’s academics continue to disappoint. Its sad how ideological preferences have made these people blind. It is always ideology above human good for them.

    The worst part for me is the fact that the letter does not contain details about loopholes or solutions. It is shallow and based on assumptions and was probably written to get attention and funding for ESG( My last sentence reflects the same idea that the ESG’s people have tried to create via the letter).

  • Baskaran

    I appreciate your anxiety in proper implementation of tree planting – Where, How much, what type of trees etc. in stead of ad hominem attacks on Jaggi Vasudev you ought to have focused only on issues to facilitate proper implementation. Perhaps your intention gets exposed as you do not want any implementation
    Of afforestation by Isha and I conclude that you are either left “ liberals” or Dravidian hooligans. I am now delving deep into the idelogy of the persons in your organisation

  • Mahadevan

    what is sad is a foreigner showing his concern and support to the farmers and water situation in India, and Indians sitting in affluent positions trying to undermine ground reality. Nothing credible seemed to have been done for so many years to revive the situation, and when someone’s trying to do something about farmers committing suicide and future of water resources in India, it is obscene to gain cheap publicity and divert efforts and attention elsewhere… Respectable thing to do will be to join forces and work as a united team to shape the initiative to move this forward with a great sense of urgency and be part of the solution, whatever it may be.

  • Navanethan

    I am sick an tired of these types of intellectual chauvinism. There is so much indigenous knowledge about ecology and farming and that needs to be respected. Most of the signatories mentioned in this letter might have done some good things in different areas. But they are not really known for thier interests and actions in the areas of environment protection. A mere signature or voice against something doesn’t make them environment warriors. Most of the signatories of this letter if not all are mere arm chair environmentalists.

  • Pramod

    This is the situation of you guys. I wish I know how much funding you had the sucesfull campings that you had
    Defaming the organization that had gained international recognitions and striving to uplift youth and farmers and over all indians and the human race, this will not bring you any good that is positive.
    I wish you had some minimum common sense!

  • Nayan Hazarika

    I want to know why do you support ESG India??? Give a reason what’s wrong in Cauvery calling effort. Lets not fight amongst ourselves

  • Deepa

    This is a good initiative. ESG should have spoken up earlier when the phone in campaign was launched. Scientists and researchers need to make themselves heard otherwise the common man will not know the truth and will believe in the pseudo science of such Gurus. With their marketing tactics and smooth tongues it is very difficult to discredit them. Request Leonardo to heed the message and not be swayed by this Godman and his followers.

    • Aravind Chandrakanth Kumar

      Please see who manages cauvery calling funds and looks after the project. Then take the decision of opposing this initiative. Your hatred towards the mentioned person is blind. You really have not looked at sadhguru and what he has done. Please see his work without the prejudice. If you do not become his fan you will atleast have less hatred in you and that is always good.

  • Aayush

    It appears that Indian people are the one who will not do anything by themselves and If any one is doing something, they will stop them also.
    Please, guys use some sense. In place of complaining to LEO, you could have discussed with Isha foundation and work together for cavery, in place of accusing and filing PIL.
    Trust me, you are the one who will not do anything for environment and also stop if someone trying to do something.
    Please use your brain and your human resources and tell Isha foundation where they can plant trees at least. Or break your NGO building which is formed where earlier forest were there and give back to environment.

  • Rohit Gupta

    why they need to take a foreign actor support/unsupport so seriously. Idiots like these who don’t support good work, just try finding faults if any other person name is getting famous.

  • Sudhakar Narayana

    Great to see that you have spent real efforts in lobbying for Support against a sincere effort to plant trees on the Farm lands of private owners along the river basin. No Government land is encroached, This project is between three parties- Public (who seems to be educated enough and not some blind followers) as facilitators, Dedicated volunteers (as a bridge) and the farmers (the beneficiaries)

    Appreciate if at all you had devised a clear plan or bullet points to counter the action of Cauvery Calling. You neither have any observation points of what is being wrongly done, nor you are offering any corrective action/suggestion to restore the river. Just by issuing a statement loosely basing on so called deeper investigation seems to be immature. Come out openly with your investigation report, counter arguments and proposals instead of all these cheap gimmicks

    Most important, present your or your supporters credentials and body of work to prove that you all are qualified to discuss this matter. At least Isha foundation has lot of accreditation world wide including Guinness record for their Project Green hands, a movement which has planted 35 Million Trees with help of 2 million volunteers and education more than 4000 farmers into Natural farming.

    Easy and cool life to become Paper Tiger and Keyboard warriors, just getting to the ground and doing some resourceful & productive task needs a honest approach and whole hearted willingness. It seems all your supporters lack this qualities.

    • Prakash

      Well Put …👍

  • Amal Peetakandy

    First thing you guys are great environmentalist so cant answer to you arguments on trees ll dry up water body’s still I get a clarity .. but in your above letter it is stated that Isha foundation is build on forest land is utter rubbishy .. it’s already proven .. this comment shows tact you are also part of that negative media which don’t want things to happen or you are biased .. follow this link to know the truth of Isha Foundation on forest land ..http://bit.ly/IshaNotInForest .. please go through

  • Vinai Kudige

    Anyways the letter is full of hatred for Isha foundation and nothing specific to prove their efforts on Cauvery is non scientific. I’m worried on the big list of endorsement, we are in real trouble when so many working against the ethos of Indian environment and culture.

  • Anupama Krishnamurthy

    Leonardo DiCaprio needs to really know the causes he supports & endorses.

  • sravanthi

    Monoculture?? Don’t you do minimum research before spreading wrong information and writing to people to withdraw support? By doing this you have not exposed Cauvery calling or Isha foundation but yourself.

    I have copy pasted this straight from Cauvery calling FAQ section.
    What types of trees will be planted on the river banks of Cauvery?
    The project teams have designed several agroforestry models comprising soft wood, hardwood and other inter cropped cash crops based on various parameters including local factors such as soil, terrain and climate. These models will be offered to farmers and they can choose how they would like to implement them.

  • Pallavi

    No evidence is produced to support your claim that Isha Foundations’ programs are not well thought through. We have not seen any evidence of the scale of change needed in India to protect forests, reduce biodiversity loss etc, in spite of decades of work by organisations such as those listed in the letter. Please join forces with other groups aiming for the same goal. There is plenty of evidence that tree planting is essential to save the planet from the effects of climate change. A figure of 1 trillion trees has been well documented – why object to India being part of that effort? Cities which have trees are cooler than those that don’t. If you know what trees to plant and where, please go and speak to the people who are planting and advise them.

    • Nina Sengupta

      I too urge Leonardo Dicaprio to back down on his endorsement of ‘Cauvery Calling

      • Nayan Hazarika

        I want to know why do you support ESG India??? Give a reason what’s wrong in Cauvery calling effort. Lets not fight amongst ourselves

      • Prakash

        Never thought an awareness campaign to save our own water resources and environment would have such negative behaviour and actions… Its sad we have such learned people twist the intent and portray it in a such a way that it give a bad perspective , with such people around where can we see change , Poor Leonardo can’t even express his concern…!!!!

  • Ananya

    What a baseless argument by this so called coalition. No wonder people are losing trust in all of these foundations (I saw Narmada bachao here!) This is a call for total monopoly. These groups can not see Isha foundation coming together for public good. Ultimately it makes me doubt the very intention or even work of these foundations at first place. Again it’s not surprising that nothing good comes out of social movements because you always have such coalitions who for various political, religious or individual purpose try to damage any constructive efforts- who knows they are all paid to not protect the environment but propagate an ideological agenda?

  • abhishek shah

    Your allegation on Isha foundation and sadhguru is completely false about the encroachment. Please get your facts cleared.
    My total support to sadhguru and the cauvery calling mission

  • Arvind Mathur

    Please do not split the environmental movement. You do your bit and let Isha Foundation do their bit. Your apprehension that Isha Foundation is unaware of monoculture and local flora is not based on fact. Please have a dialogue with them to clarify issues. It is very hard to take your claim that large scale tree plantation will damage the river seriously. It defies common sense.

    If you have an alternate plan for saving the river, please implement it. Don’t put a spoke in the efforts of others. The river needs all the help it can get.

  • Amrutha

    Whenever Isha foundation does any good to the society, there are always fringe groups who are against it. Do these organizations think that Dicaprio blindly supported Isha foundation for “Cauvery Calling”. Dicaprio Foundation has been supporting since “Rally for Rivers”. Here is the conversation between two parties Terry Taminen, CEO of Dicaprio Foundation and Sadhguru – https://youtu.be/xn-HvGMsa2c They are well aware of the extensive policies given in Rally for Rivers initiative. They are well aware of the Guinness record that has been given to Isha foundation for their ecological initiative “Project Green hands”, they will support good causes after proper verification. If you see, the articles and organizations that are supporting this withdrawal they belong to a certain group who are always trying to bring down Isha foundation and Sadhguru’s name of political motives. Please do not support this withdrawal of support. Very few people want to do actual work on the environment. These kind of organizations bring them down easily. And as far as the money collected, receipts are immediately mailed to the donor, they are legally properly handled by an esteemed board of members with some of its members being EX-ISRO chairman, Biocon founder, a Supreme Court judge etc. Currently in Yavatmal district maharashtra, plantation drives are happening for Waghari River. Let’s make it happen for Cauvery. Let’s support Cauvery Calling.

    • Prakash

      Never thought an awareness campaign to save our own water resources and environment would have such negative behaviour and actions… Its sad we have such learned people twist the intent and portray it in a such a way that it give a bad perspective , with such people around where can we see change , Poor Leonardo can’t even express his concern…!!!!

  • Neethi Mahesh

    I endorse this letter because the campaign blatantly ignores consultation with expertise and forest dwellers alike, which will result in selective planting of tree species which can be harvested, disregarding ecology. However, having said that, sustainable agro- forestry practices need to be brought back all along the Cauvery making farmers self reliant, but this too needs to be done through consultation and collaboration with various statutory bodies, conservation organizations and individuals.

    • shame on you. Only in India and its is only in this Hindu-Highly educated community, the hate for our culture and tradition and anyone who does a good work, without consultation with these “great (like you) individuals”, it is against environment, bla, bla, bla… Grow up, your time of “me and mine” is over and time has come for you to realise that you are no better than even a smallest of smallest creature or microbe, least me and people like sadhguru.

  • prathibha nandakumar

    I endorse this letter urging Leonardo DiCaprio to back down on his endorsement of Cauvery Calling, which is being campaigned by running motorbike rallies in bio-sensitive areas.

  • Mohan Ranganathan

    My total support for esgindia in their appeal to Dicapario

    • Nayan Hazarika

      I want to know why do you support ESG India??? Give a reason what’s wrong in Cauvery calling effort. Lets not fight amongst ourselves

  • I endorse this letter from the Coalition for Environmental Justice in India urging Leonardo Dicaprio to back down on his endorsement of ‘Cauvery Calling’.


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