Kali Bachao Andolan

25 February 2007 Background (The Kali River) The Kali river is one of many rivers that flows in the richly forested area of the Western Ghats. The river is 184 kms. long and flows into the Arabian Sea. Like many rivers in India, the Kali River is no exception — it has been abused on the path of “development”. There are 6 major hydroelectric dams that have submerged over 32,000 acres of the rich forests

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Celebrating Cauvery

BACKGROUND Flowing through the Deccan Plateau, the river Cauvery is a link between the cultural past of Southern India and its present. However, the river is endangered by various industrial effluents, sewage pollutants and sand mining on a rampant scale, mainly for the benefit of major urban centers such as Bangalore, as well as by proposed developmental projects like the linking of rivers and dams on the river. ‘Celebrating Cauvery’ on the occasion of the

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