Conversations: Exploring New Imaginaries of Environmental Justice

On 28th April 2023, ESG and Institute of Public Policy, National Law School of India University, will be organising Conversations on “Exploring New Imaginaries of Environmental Justice”. This would be inaugurated by Mr. Justice Sunil Dutt Yadav, Judge, Karnataka High Court and involve participation of leading academics, jurists, social and environmental activists, media persons, etc.

Prior registration and confirmation is essential to participate in these Conversations. This event will be livestreamed on ESG’s Youtube Channel.

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Environment Justice Matters Vol. 4 Issue 06: ESG is 25!

This issue focuses on Biodiversity, Conservation, Climate Change, Threatened Commons, Adivasi Rights, Climate Change, Urban and Infrastructures Maldevelopment, and Judicial Interventions for Sustainable Development.

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Environment Justice Matters Vol. 4 Issue 05: ESG Turns 25!

This issue focuses on Adivasi Rights, Climate Change Updates and relevant Policy Developments, Environmental Degradation and Pollution, People’s Participation in Conservation, Environmental Jurisprudence, Distributed Renewable energy, Disastrous Urban Expansion and Conserving Water Commons.

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