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Professor Sheila Jasanoff’s Interview with DH- “Deciphering the nexus of science, technology and society”.

Professor Sheila Jasanoff of Harvard University has been described as the preeminent scholar on a relatively new genre of scientific inquiry — Science and Technology Studies (STS). Professor Jasanoff described STS as a field dedicated to the study of science and technology as institutionalized forms of human activity. But her work is much more than that. In an interview with DH’s Akhil Kadidal during her recent visit to Bengaluru, she said. “I have a liberationist mission. It’s to get people to become much more savvy inhabitants of a technological world.”

Environment Support Group (ESG) was honoured to host Prof Sheila Jasanoff a few weeks ago as part of an ongoing research project on Governance of Socio-Technical Transformations.

To follow the whole interview please visit: https://www.deccanherald.com/opinion/panorama/deciphering-the-nexus-of-science-technology-and-society-803585.html

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