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ESG projects and campaigns cover a wide range of issues, a common theme across which is that of encouraging community involvement in decision making regarding environmental and social justice concerns.

ESG organises or participates in facilitating public meetings and workshops with the intention of raising awareness in the community, judiciary and government bodies about environmental issues, environmental law, and the citizens’ Rights.

Films and Documentaries are a medium through which we can disseminate information about our projects to a wide audience. To purchase any of our films, please contact us. The films are available in VHS and VCD format in Kannada or dubbed in English and cost INR 750/-. Cost for overseas requests is USD 20 (+ USD 5 for postage). You can send a cheque or wire the money directly into ESG account. Please enquire first for wiring details.

ESG Documentaries/Films

Fly Ash Over India

ESG extended research support in the making of the environmental video documentary “Fly Ash Over India”, by Siobhan Wall, formerly with London Guildhall University. This documentary assesses the environmental impacts of locating thermal power plants in the ecologically sensitive Dakshina Kannada district, and specifically addresses the manner in which Cogentrix has violated local social and environmental concerns. The documentary was premiered on World Environment Day, 1998 in collaboration with The British Library (Bangalore), and subsequent premier shows were held in the Visweswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (Bangalore), Sandesha Foundation (Mangalore), MGM College (Manipal). The documentary was reported on Star News as part of their observation of World Environment Day 1998. Documentary copies are available for sale – please email [email protected] or contact us.

Nagara Nyrmalaya

In collaboration with the Human Health and Well Being Division of United Nations Environment Programme, ESG initiated a pilot project aimed at developing the capacities of Pourakarmikas (municipal solid waste workers) of one Health Ward of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike in evolving a sustainable strategy for management of community level municipal solid waste. As part of this project an evaluation of the work conditions of Pourakarmikas was undertaken with the aim of proposing suitable changes in appropriately managing this crucial workforce of the city. The scope of the project has now expanded with the support of the Karnataka Department of Environment under the Indo-Norwegian Environment Programme, and is likely to be the basis of intervention in Bangalore and other cities as well. A package of community educational material has been developed, that includes a dramatised educational video “Nagara Nyrmalya”.

See Also

Stone Breakers

ESG assisted BBC World Service (Radio and TV) in doing a story on stone quarries in and around Bangalore. Issues addressed include how British consumers are unaware that the stone they are buying is actually quarried from South India (especially in and around Bangalore) based on extensive human rights violations, exploitation of labour and destruction of forests.

Nammuru Chandaduru

A dramatised educational video on Solid Waste Management.

Other Documentaries/Films

The Die is Caste

‘The Die is Caste’ is an appraisal of three decades of the Naxalite (extreme left) movement in the state of Bihar, in eastern India. It examines the role of Naxalites (i.e. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, People’s War Group and Maoist Communist Centre) as agents of socio-political change, employing violence.

Against the backdrop of Parliamentary and Legislative Assembly elections in Bihar, between 1999-2001, the film portrays the change – over 30 years – in social and political status of the Scheduled Castes (i.e. Dalits); the benefits accruing to the middle castes, engineered by the Mandal Commission and the emergence of Laloo Yadav and the consequent violent backlash from upper-caste landlord militias like the Ranvir Sena.

The Die is Caste is thus an exploration of caste dynamics in Bihar and raises the question as to whether any benefit has accrued to the Scheduled Castes or, ar they mere pawns on the political chessboard.

Download PDF file with pictures and more details of the film.

The Story of Kali river

A film showing the plight of the river Kali in Dandeli, Uttara Kannada due to pollution by the West Coast Paper Mills, excess damming and illegal sand mining. Collaborated with Parisara Samrakshana Kendra, Dandeli. Read more.

Resisting Coastal Invasion

“Resisting Coastal Invasion” is a 52-minute documentary directed by KP Sasi that captures the struggles of fishing communities who are fighting tooth and nail against the takeover of their lands by the forces of globalization.

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