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Governance of Socio-Technical Transformations

Notes for the India Workshop of Governance of Socio Technical Transformation Project (GoST)

Prepared by

Leo F. Saldanha, Principal Investigator

Bhargavi S. Rao, Associate Principal Investigator

GoST India Project

Governance of Socio Technical Transformation is a collaborative project involving Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (USA); Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Germany); Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex (UK) and African Centre for Technology Studies (Kenya) and Environment Support Group, Bangalore (India)

Focus of the project:
Transformations in systems of energy, agriculture, and urban digital infrastructure are globally recognised as crucial to sustainable development. The research project Governance of Sociotechnical Transformations (GoST) focuses on historical and prospective transformations in three key areas:

• Energy transformation and the ‘nuclear age’
• Transformation of agriculture and the ‘green revolution’
• Transformation of the urban digital infrastructure and ‘smart cities.’

The project examines past and prospective transformation efforts across the three areas of energy, agriculture, and urban digital environments, in five countries (Germany, India, Kenya, UK and US). A key concept for the project, and one which is being used as a theoretical starting point, is that of ‘sociotechnical imaginaries’ within Science and Technology Studies (STS).

More details about GoST and its Team are accessible here:

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