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Contextualising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s use of Indian Science Congress

NALSAR’s Environmental Law and Practice Review is a peer reviewed journal.

See Leo Saldanha’s publication entitled “A Critical Examination of The State of Environmental Governance under Prime Minister – Narendra Modi” published in Vol 6, 2018 of the journal. In this essay, Saldanha “warns that the Environment has taken the figurative backseat on the incumbent governments priorities. The paper argues that the BJP-led government has used the obfuscation of logic (in a field where science and rational thought are considered imperative), to dilute the expectations and role of the government in ensuring environmental security of the nation.” The essay also provides a useful historical analysis of how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has treated reason and science in his decision making, useful in the context of the 107th Indian Science Congress that will be held at University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Campus, Bangalore, Karnataka from 3-7th January, 2020.

The entire Volume 6, 2019 of the Journal issue may be accessed here: https://elaw.org/system/files/attachments/publicresource/ELPR_Inner%20Pages.pdf

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