In the Newspapers: Protecting Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park and its Heritage

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In this post, you will find newspaper articles related to the recent decision by the Karnataka High Court to build a 7 story tall building inside Cubbon Park. Visit this post for daily updates on this issue that is threatening the green heart of Bengaluru.

From Deccan Herald:

  1. How long will Cubbon survive?, Deccan Herald E-Paper,
  2. State, judiciary must respond to call to protect park tranquillity, Deccan Herald E-Paper,
  3. BBMP springs a green surprise for Cubbon Park: Asks govt to review decision on annexe building, Manoj Sharma, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  4. Citizens protest against annexe building inside Cubbon Park, Manoj Sharma, Bengaluru,Deccan Herald E-Paper
  5. Children, cyclists and experts join protest, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  6. Registrar order on annexe before HC verdict, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  7. HC annexe: Registrar order came before court verdict:But letter clarifies demolition only after the due process,Manoj Sharma, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  8. Cubbon Park turns 150 in 2020, but has nothing to cheer: Lung space has been losing greenery over the years, Shivakumar Menasinakai, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  9. Protect our beloved park, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  10. BBMP to consult Mysuru heritage panel: Committee to take decision on Cubbon Park land, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  11. BBMP to consult Mysuru heritage panel, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  12. How green was my park: One cannot imagine Hyde Park or Central Park being similarly encroached upon. So, why’s it so easy in Bengaluru?, Priya Chetty RajagopalDeccan Herald E-Paper
  13. HC annexe only if rules allow it: BBMP Palike chief says building must comply with zoning regulations, Manoj Shama, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  14. HC annexe only if rules allow it…, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  15. Don’t destroy Cubbon Park, heritage building, H N Ramakrishna, Deccan Herald E-Paper
  16. Citizens oppose construction on Cubbon Park premises, Deccan Herald E-Paper

From Times of India:

  1. Why is Cubbon Park always the target, ask concerned Bengalureans,
  2. 7-floor Cubbon building to violate Bengalu,
  3. Bengaluru steps out to save Cubbon Park, Akhila Damodaran,
  4. #CubbonParkUlisi: Bengalureans worry city will go the Delhi way, Sunayana Suresh,

From The Hindu:

  1. Cubbon park may soon become a memory’
  2. Voices of ‘culture and heritage’ gather at Cubbon Park
  3. Construction at Cubbon Park: Calls for a heritage policy grow louder
  4. More citizens’ organisations join Cubbon Park movement
  5. Opposition to 7-storey building in Cubbon Park

From The New Indian Express:

  1. Indian Express newspaper, Cubbon Park Ulisi, say protesting Bengalureans
  2. Heritage activists to garner public opinion on High Court annexe
  3. Several environmental activists join Cubbon Park movement in Bengaluru

From Deccan Chronicle:

  1. Deccan Chronicle, Cubbon Park is our unique, green heritage, save it!
  2. Green is the warmest colour: The warriors of Cubbon Park
  3. Bengaluru: Cubbon multi-storey, activists cry foul
  4. No trees to be cut, Karnataka High Court annexe to come up at Cubbon Park

From Prajavani:

  1. Prajavani,
  2. Prajavani,
  3. Prajavani,;l.,das,aaewe,wn-678653.html

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