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As the financial year comes to a close,we invite you to make a contribution to Environment Support Group 

Dear Friends,

2020 was a year of upheaval and uncertainty due to the pandemic. Everything came to a standstill. Yet at ESG we continued to work and reached out to thousands of people in so many ways. In these challenging times we can do much more with your constant support. 

We take this moment to applaud all our donors and well-wishers for their munificent gestures- a warm and hearty thank you! And we invite many more to join our supportive community.

As the financial year draws to a close, we invite you to consider donating to ESG generously! Please also take a moment to share this cause with your family, friends and in your networks. 

A little more in detail about our work:

Over the past year, we helped families connect and reach home despite the lockdown and its consequences. We also coordinated a series of webinars on a range of topics to help build positive imaginaries of a future filled with hope.  Over 6000 participants in our webinars were enriched with deeply thought provoking conversations with thought leaders from around the world. 

We also collaborated with leading researchers globally to learn from  Covid and so all can build a better tomorrow, as part of the Comparative Covid Response: Crisis, Knowledge, Politics.  We are also involved in a three-year research programme about Governance of Socio Technical Transformations in which we help build deeper understandings of Challakere’s ‘Science City’ Project, Pavagada Solar Park, Farming Futures and Smart Cities in India.

We also are tirelessly working to build better governance systems, a more mature metropolis, in which one can take care of consumption and waste produced, and leave a better future for generations to come.  Similarly we have worked to protect lakes across Karnataka to build water and ecological security for now and into the future. And gone on to help communities in faraway Loktak region of Manipur as well to secure their amazing wetlands and futures.   

In particular, we have advanced Public Interest Litigations in building environmental and public health efficiencies of waste management (in W.P. 46523/2012 before the Karnataka High Court), and in protection and rehabilitation of lakes (in W.P. 38401/2014, also before the Karnataka High Court).  We are also pursuing the securing of India’s biodiversity (in OA No. 10/2014 before the National Green Tribunal (Southern Zone)) and before the Supreme Court (in SLP No. 7951/2014).

We assisted communities impacted by the coronavirus lockdowns by working with a coalition in Bangalore and extending various forms of relief. We also engaged with local authorities in developing effective and efficient management of Covid in the city. Our assistance was also extended to agro-pastoral communities in Challakere to ensure livestock did not suffer due to lockdowns and neglect.  

ESG is also working with various communities across India in securing commons.  In the process we have connected with communities impacted by transitions to solar parks, and are working to develop strategies that can help us build renewable energy systems that do not damage the environment and displace agro-pastoral communities. 

At a time when there is so much uncertainty, we help communities and decision makers with collation of inspiring stories and positive reflectives for transformation through Environment Justice Matters, our biweekly newsletter

All of this is possible because of the constant support we receive from so many of our wellwishers. Every contribution, big or small, matters to us.  It is the support of individuals like you that drive us to advance social and environmental justice. 

As we come to the close of another financial year, we request you to consider supporting our efforts.  (80G benefits are extended to Indian donors.)

No Donation is too big or too small!

It takes three things to change the world: passion, commitment and, of course, some money. 

Every donation matters! 

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