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Young Climate Explorers- Summer Workshop for Kids

Program Overview

Day 01: Children will explore the theme of “waste” through art, movie and hands-on activity on segregation and home composting. They will also delve into the problem of plastics and microplastics, life cycle of objects, consumerism, upcycling and recycling.
Day 02: On the theme of “water”, children will visit the rainwater harvesting unit, experiment with water testing, creating home water filters. They will explore different water systems for a city.
Day 03: Based on the theme “Food and Soil”, children will explore creating a square foot kitchen garden, diversity in food, reading product ingredient labels and making healthy eating choices. They will be exposed to the subject of Genetically modified Organisms in foods through activities
Day 04: Based on the theme “Forests”, children will explore what is a forest and the threats to forests through group skit activities, diversity and types of forests. Fun activity on making handmade paper will be introduced.
Day 05: Children will visit a forest and water landscape nearby to experience nature immersion and sensorial learning.

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