#WorldWaterDay: Interview With Bhargavi Rao On Sewage Water Recycling

by RJ Vijaya of RADIOACTIVECR, MARCH 22, 2017 22 March 2017 Interview on  #WorldWaterDay On Sewage Water Recycling with Bhargavi Rao & RJ Vijaya Click this link to listen to the interview (Kannada, 45 mins):  https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/water-and-sanitation-sewage-water-recycling Other Radioactive conversations with Bhargavi that may interest you: Water & Sanitation – Discussion With Bhargavi Rao About Total Sanitation In Karnataka https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/water-sanitation-discussion-with-bhargavi-rao-about-total-sanitation-in-karnataka Interview With Bhargavi Rao About Lakes Surf https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/water-sanitation-interview-with-bhargavi-rao-about-lakes-surf Discussion With Bhargavi Rao About Usage Of Dry Toilets

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Environment Support Group Gets United Nations “WATER FOR LIFE” 2012 Best Practices Award

Comprehensive efforts to conserve Bangalore Lakes that bring together Judiciary, Government and wide public considered strategic to building ecological, water and economic security 23 March 2012Downloads: Pictorial Brochure on ESG’s Lakes effort Release on ESG winning the UN ‘Water for Life’ Award 2012 UN Water for Life Awardees with UN Officials and Dignitaries UN Water for Life Award Citation UN Water for Life Award Medal NDTV feature on ESG’s lakes conservation initiative ESG Brief on

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