“How To Protect Lakes Using Recent Judicial Directions” & “Presenting The Status Of BBMP Wards: Results From Citizen Led Survey”

Invitation to “How to Protect Lakes using Recent Judicial Directions” and “Presenting the Status of BBMP Wards: Results from Citizen Led Survey”.

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Historic Direction By Karnataka High Court To BBMP To Ensure Ward Committees Prepare Ward Level Solid Waste Management Plan

A fundamental step to securing decentralisation in urban governance 10 November 2017 Downloads: ESG Press Release on Karnataka HC 10th Nov 2017 decision on Ward Committees functioning State of Landfills, Waste Processing Sites and Garbage Dumping Grounds in Bangalore: ESG Report filed in Karnataka High Court Kannada v ESG Release SWM Ward Cmt Kar HC Ruling Nov 2017 Unofficial Kannada Translation of 10 Nov HC Order on Ward Cmts In a historic decision by the

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