#WorldWaterDay: Interview With Bhargavi Rao On Sewage Water Recycling

by RJ Vijaya of RADIOACTIVECR, MARCH 22, 2017 22 March 2017 Interview on  #WorldWaterDay On Sewage Water Recycling with Bhargavi Rao & RJ Vijaya Click this link to listen to the interview (Kannada, 45 mins):  https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/water-and-sanitation-sewage-water-recycling Other Radioactive conversations with Bhargavi that may interest you: Water & Sanitation – Discussion With Bhargavi Rao About Total Sanitation In Karnataka https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/water-sanitation-discussion-with-bhargavi-rao-about-total-sanitation-in-karnataka Interview With Bhargavi Rao About Lakes Surf https://soundcloud.com/radioactivecr90-4mhz/water-sanitation-interview-with-bhargavi-rao-about-lakes-surf Discussion With Bhargavi Rao About Usage Of Dry Toilets

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