Public Matters.: Prime Minister’s Speech People Of India Wish They Could Hear At 8 Pm Tonight

My dear brothers and sisters,The global pandemic of COVID-19, a viral flu, has cost thousands of lives and made thousands more sick. It has brought the world to a grinding halt. As humanity faces its gravest challenge in recent decades, it is a time for the world to reflect on what we must do right, from now on. While India joins the community of nations to tackle the pandemic, this requires us to take effective steps

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Public Consultation Must In Planning And Building Metro Or Any Infrastructure Project

Unprecedented Decision by High Court of Karnataka holds Officials directly accountable for any lapse 17 December 2010 Background: Environment Support Group and ors had challenged the construction of the southern reach of Bangalore Metro as being in gross violation of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and other statutes in a Public Interest Litigation (WP 13241/2009). This was associated with widespread protests over the highly illegal development of the Southern Reach of the “Namma

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