A Movement For Economy Of Restraint: A Public Workshop As A Part Of Satyagraha For A Sacred Economy

Invitation to “A Movement for Economy of Restraint: A public workshop as a part of Satyagraha for a Sacred Economy” tomorrow at 4:30 pm onward at Xavier Hall, St. Joseph’s Art and Science College, Langford Road, Bengaluru.

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Taayavva: A Musical In Kannada Written And Directed By Prasanna

An historical cultural message 21 November 2017 Downloads: Taayavva: Poster   The idea of this play, the process of which this play is an outcome, and the manner in which this play is performed, make the audience a unique participant in a historical struggle for Justice. And to advance a struggle to correct a historical injustice. In the frenetic pace of industrialisation, fuelled by capitalism in particular, and also in the prevailing world of consumerism,

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