Agroecological Farming Is The Way To Secure India’s Future: A Workshop Invitation

It is widely held that corporatised and centrally driven ‘Green Revolution’, ‘GMO Revolution’ and farming with hybrids and chemicals has destabilised farming and pastoral communities and caused widespread and adverse public health and environmental impacts. There is growing global concern that genetic and chemical contamination of agrobiodiversity is causing collapse of bees and other insect populations crucial to sustain food production. Alongside, climate change is worsening water distress in farms and driving massive farming populations

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Criminal Proceedings Against Monsanto/Mahyco And Others, Back On Track

Karnataka High Court dismisses Petition seeking quashing of criminal prosecution 12 October 2013 Downloads: Release: Criminal proceedings against Monsanto back on track In a significant ruling, Justice Mr. A. S. Pachhapure of the High Court of Karnataka dismissed on 11th October petitions that sought quashing of criminal prosecution of senior representatives of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwar (UAS), M/s Mahyco/Monsanto and M/s Sathguru, who have been accused by the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) and

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