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A Movement for Economy of Restraint: A public workshop as a part of Satyagraha for a Sacred Economy

Invitation to “A Movement for Economy of Restraint: A public workshop as a part of Satyagraha for a Sacred Economy” tomorrow at 4:30 pm onward at Xavier Hall, St. Joseph’s Art and Science College, Langford Road, Bengaluru.

State Of Environmental Decision-Making In India

A workshop for Practitioners 23 April 2017 ; Time: 8.00 AM ; Venue: ESG Workshop Space, #1575, Intermediate Ring Road, Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore 560070 (abutting ESG office) Downloads: State_Environmental_Decision_Making_India_Workshop_Invitation_Apr_2017                                         Environmental, Social Justice and Governance Initiatives         … Read more »

Thousands Urge Chief Minister Siddaramaiah To Save Ahinda Communities Of Challakere By Giving Back The AmritMahal Kavals To The People

A Release from Chitradurga Amrit Mahal Kaval Horata Samithi shared by ESG in the wider public interest 3 September 2013 Downloads: press-release-03sep13-challakere-protest.pdf JILLA AMRITMAHAL KAVAL HORATA SAMITI, CHITRADURGA Press Release September 03, 2013 Thousands urge Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to save Ahinda communities of Challakere by giving back the AmritMahal Kavals to the people     4000 people strong rally marches… Read more »

“Forfeiting Our Commons” ESG Report On Challakere Amrit Mahal Kaval Grasslands Submitted To Expert Committee Appointed By National Green Tribunal

Forfeiting Our Commons: A Case for Protecting and Conserving Challakere’s Amrit Mahal Kavals as Livelihoods-Supporting, Biodiversity-Rich and Ecologically-Sensitive Grassland Ecosystems 29 June 2013 Downloads: Report Submitted by ESG to NGT Expert Committee All annexures of the ESG report submitted to NGT Expert Committee Fact Finding Committee report submitted to the National Green Tribunal Details of all the Annexures of the… Read more »

Karnataka High Court Institutes Decentralised Management And Regulation Of Conservation And Protection Of Karnataka’s Lakes And Canal Networks

Unprecedented decision gives new lease of life to build water and ecological security of Karnataka 31 August 2012 Downloads: ESG Release on Final Order by Karnataka High Court in Lakes Case Final Order of Kar High Court in ESG PIL on Lakes (WP 817/2008), dt. 11 April 2012 How to Use the Judgment to Protect and Conserve Lakes and Raja… Read more »

Environment Support Group Gets United Nations “WATER FOR LIFE” 2012 Best Practices Award

Comprehensive efforts to conserve Bangalore Lakes that bring together Judiciary, Government and wide public considered strategic to building ecological, water and economic security 23 March 2012 Downloads: Pictorial Brochure on ESG’s Lakes effort Release on ESG winning the UN ‘Water for Life’ Award 2012 UN Water for Life Awardees with UN Officials and Dignitaries UN Water for Life Award Citation… Read more »

Comic Strip On Impacts Of Lake Privatisation In Bangalore

Why we need to oppose privatisation of our commons? Written by Samantha Wishnak and others 1 1 December 2011 Bangalore Downloads: lake-privatization-comicstrip.pdf teaching resources,bangalore,bengaluru,commons,east india hotels,hebbal,karnataka,lake development authority,lake privatisation,nagawara,Oberoi,vengaiahkere

Karnataka High Court Orders In ESG’s PIL Against Lake Privatisation And For Wise Use And Conservation Of Lakes

Downloads: wp-817-2008-orders-160112.doc campaigns,lakes,resources,bangalore,commons,east india hotels,high Court,Justice Khehar,Justice N. K. Patil,Justice Vikramjit Sen,karnataka,lake development authority,lakes,leo saldanha,Oberoi,privatisation,sunil dutt yadav