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Seed Activism: Patent Politics And Litigation In The Global South

In “Seed Activism”, Karine Peschard explores how patenting seeds and turning them into financialised, corporatised and commodified industrial products threatens farm and food securities of the world now and into the future.

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Watch Al Jazeera’s The Stream Special On ESG’s Biopiracy Case Against Monsanto And Its Implications For Agriculture And Food Security

Derrick Ashong, musician and social entrepreneur, hosted this online programme aired on 24 January 2012 24 January 2012 Al Jazeera’s

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Farmers Workshop On Jaivika Vaividye And Bija Rakshane

On 1st April 2010, a workshop was held by ESG and Action Aid to help farmers appreciate the nuances of the debates that resulted in India’s Environment and Forests Minister Shri Jairam Ramesh enforcing a moratorium on the commercial release of Bt Brinjal.

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Jairam Ramesh Rebuts Sharad Pawar’s Stand Centre Has No Role In Reviewing GEAC Decision On Bt Brinjal Reasserts Right To Hold Public Consultations On Bt Brinjal Issue

21 January 2010 Downloads: press-release-ramesh-letter-pawar-gmo-21.pdf This morning a small report appeared in the Deccan Herald with the title: “Panel to

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ESG’s PIL Exposing Biopiracy in Bt. Brinjal and questioning Constitutional validity of Sec. 40 of Biological Diversity Act and National Biodiversity Authority Criminal Complaint against representatives of Monsanto et al

Update(30 Nov 2022): The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India by its order dated 22nd November 2022 allowed a Special Leave Petition filed

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