A workshop to…understand and comment on the Revised Draft Masterplan-2031 for Bengaluru Read more... community outreach, campaigns, mavallipura, metro, tree felling, hasiru usiru, lakes, education
River linking How sustainable are these ventures? Will such mega projects secure India's socio-economic and ecological futures? What are the outcomes if such projects fail to deliver? Read more... community outreach, campaigns, events
Thursday Talkies A film that discusses the environmental and social impacts and risk assessments of building highly sensitive military-industrial-nuclear complex in Amrit Mahal Kaval of Challakere, Chitradurga, Karnataka Read more... campaigns, teaching resources
Hundreds participated in a concert by by renowned Karnatic musician T M Krishna in support of the Sathyagraha demanding 0% GST on handmade Read more... events
Film screenings, Discussions, Poetry Readings, Evening Lectures, Social Justice Songs and more... Read more... community outreach, films, campaigns, education
Sheila Jasanoff A conversation with Prof. Sheila Jasanoff, Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies Director, Program on Science, Technology and Society Harvard Kennedy School John F. Kennedy School of Government Read more... community outreach, reports, biodiversity, intl collaborations, bmic, brinjal, metro, nuclear, hasiru usiru, lakes
child sexual abuse A Ward level workshop to make our schools, homes, neighbourhoods and shops safe for our children - in every manner. Read more... community outreach, bbmp, campaigns, local schools, metro, education, events
Narmada Submergence Urge President Kovind to Stop Prime Minister Modi from celebrating his birthday by drowning 40000 families in the submergence of Sardar Sarovar Dam Read more... campaigns
A workshop to assist practitioners deepen their understanding of environmental justice in the context of growing challenges of the 21st Century. Read more... community outreach, teaching resources, education
Waste Decoration Young People of Bangalore! Learn simple household and community methods to resolve the problem of Waste in Bangalore. And be ready to be surprised how much of this 'waste' is actually a resource and fun material too! Read more... community outreach, teaching resources, local schools, youth workshops, education