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Requesting Bangaloreans to step out and count trees planted by BBMP since 2007 Read more. bbmp, campaigns, biodiversity, tree felling, hasiru usiru
Extensive construction was ongoing in violation of NGT orders and environmental and forest protection laws Read more. campaigns, nuclear
Say a loud NO to GMOs and corporatisation of food/farming systems Read more. campaigns, biodiversity, brinjal
ESG Report on Challakere Amrit Mahal Grasslands Submitted to Expert Committee Appointed by National Green Tribunal with press release Read more. campaigns, biodiversity
Karnataka High Court directs Bangalore to be the first city in India to segregate waste at source Read more. bbmp, campaigns, teaching resources, mavallipura, education
Segregation of 'waste' at source is the only way out of Bangalore's Garbage Mess Read more. campaigns, mavallipura
Late Elinor Ostrom Nobel Laureate 2009 Ostroms said ESG's Lakes Intiative “... is an important step towards securing public commons and could go a long way in extending water and food security to millions who are in critical need of the same”. Read more. campaigns, hasiru usiru, lakes