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Gandhibazaar Market A Public Consultation that will help shape the redevelopment of Bangalore's iconic Gandhibazaar market into an inclusive, safe, hygienic and green market. Read more. community outreach, projects
sathodi falls ESG's concerns find widespread support and Forest Department cancels workshop 12 minutes before it was scheduled. Read more. campaigns, biodiversity, tree felling, hasiru usiru
Make a tax saving donation and help ESG do more in advancing environmental and social justice. Read more. campaigns
CRZBNF Review This analysis is offered as an alert to all concerned with the success of CRZBNF project to a few of the ways in which it could be better ensured. Our farmers shall bear the brunt of our haste’s repercussions, if appropriate decisions aren't taken. Read more. community outreach, campaigns, biodiversity, publications, brinjal
Solidarity Forum for Dissent Various civil society organisation and journalists came together in Bangalore to launch the Solidarity Forum of Dissent in the face of illegal raids on Greenpeace India. Read more. campaigns
Dr. Agarwal refused water as PM Modi and State Govts. failed to take any action at all to stop Ganga's destruction. Read more. community outreach, campaigns, publications
Peoples Convention on Infrastructure Financing In the political resolution adopted at the end of the Convention, delegates resolved to challenge the undemocratic, unjust and economically unsound functioning of IFIs including AIIB, World Bank, IFC and others. Read more. campaigns
Two retired High Court Judges, two retired senior IAS officers, three retired senior IPS officers, senior advocates, journalists and social workers say Sterlite must be shut down, guilty punished & a memorial set up for those killed. Read more. campaigns
The Draft Forest Policy 2018 is a devious attempt of Indian Environment Ministry to advance privatisation and re-colonisation of India's forests Read more. campaigns, biodiversity, tree felling, hasiru usiru
Jairam Ramesh India's former Environment Minister calls on civil society to organise and question Central administration on ongoing dismantling of progressive elements in India's environmental jurisprudence. Read more. community outreach, campaigns, biodiversity, brinjal, hasiru usiru