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Villagers of Doddaullarti marched into the Amrit Mahal Kavals to reclaim their Rights to their Commons Read more. campaigns
Comprehensive violation of environmental norms and standards continue despite a variety of specific directions of the National Green Tribunal Read more. campaigns
Safeguard People and the Planet, Not Corporate Profit and Human Rights Abuses: Why We Reject the Draft World Bank’s Safeguards Framework and Demand a Rigorous Revision Read more. campaigns
HLC Committee invited the Public for consultation to review proposed Amendments to Environmental, Forest Conservation and Pollution Control Laws Read more. campaigns, biodiversity, hasiru usiru, POSCO
We gratefully acknowledge that the Editors of this book have directed all royalties and other proceeds from the sale of this book as a contribution to ESG and its environmental and social justice efforts. Buy the book and help ESG do more! Read more. campaigns, publications, education
State commissioned report to comprehensively review SECC and propose reforms is shelved by administration, but now made accessible to public Read more. bajpe, campaigns, publications, education
Extensive construction was ongoing in violation of NGT orders and environmental and forest protection laws Read more. campaigns, nuclear
Say a loud NO to GMOs and corporatisation of food/farming systems Read more. campaigns, biodiversity, brinjal