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"Beerappa's Angst" will be screened at National Institute for Advanced Studies, Bangalore on 7th March 2018. All are welcome. Read more. campaigns, biodiversity, events
Justice N Kumar releases "Bangalore's Toxic Legacy Intensifies" “Things don't happen overnight”, Justice Mr. Kumar cautioned. “But if you don't raise your voice, no one in this democracy is going to hear you”. Read more. campaigns, publications, mavallipura, education
Drone crash A drone being tested by DRDO at its Challakere facility miscued, flew for several kilometres, and crashed into a farmer's field. Read more. campaigns, nuclear
Tree Trees seaming roads, in parks and private and public properties in Bangalore constitute its core living heritage. And the Government plans to decimate this greenery. In this workshop learn how to protect Trees and bring back Greenery to Bangalore. Read more. community outreach, campaigns, biodiversity, tree felling, hasiru usiru
Alternative Futures: India Unshackled The book is a collection of 35 essays containing dreams, visions, and pathways of reaching a just and sustainable India. Pl. see overleaf for a description. The book will be available at a discount at the release. Read more. community outreach, reports, publications, education
workshop Participants learnt how to participate in Ward Committees and make them Functional. Read more. campaigns, metro, tree felling, hasiru usiru, lakes, education
Irrfan Khan, M S Satyu, Neelakant Mama and Uzramma at Handmade Symposium Irrfan Khan, M S Sathyu, Uzramma, Neelakanthmama and 300 others participated in the National Symposium on 'The Handmade' and deliberated on transforming our troubled society. Read more. community outreach, campaigns, events
A workshop to…understand and comment on the Revised Draft Masterplan-2031 for Bengaluru Read more. community outreach, campaigns, mavallipura, metro, tree felling, hasiru usiru, lakes, education
A most engrossing discussion on “Can Inter-linking our Rivers and Greening their Banks save our Cities?” organised by Environment Support Group at Ashirvad, Bangalore, on December 15, 2017 Read more. community outreach, campaigns, events
Exiled from the forest, reviled by the city, their traditional ways of life outlawed, the Hakki Pikkis share their stories of wit and survival Read more. community outreach, films, campaigns, events