Thursday Talkies to screen 'Beerappa's Angst"

Followed by a talk on the prevailing situation in Challakere by Leo Saldanha

Date: 30 November, 2017
Time: 11 am
Venue: St. Joseph's College of Commerce, AV Room, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Thursday Talkies

Beerappas Angst screening at Thursday Talkies


State of Environmental Decision-Making in India

A workshop for Practitioners

Date: 23 April, 2017
Time: 8.00 AM
Venue: ESG Workshop Space, #1575, Intermediate Ring Road, Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore 560070 (abutting ESG office)






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What Waste? Why Waste?

A Workshop for Youngsters

Date: 15 April, 2017
Time: 8 am to 6 pm
Venue: ESG Workshop Space, 1575, Ring Road, Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore 560070
Waste Decoration



What Waste? Why Waste?

Nammuru Chandadooru

Click the link (original source) for an engaging story on how to keep cities garbage free and thus healthy

Written by G. S. Bhaskar
1 January, 2002

Comic Strip on Impacts of Lake Privatisation in Bangalore

Why we need to oppose privatisation of our commons?

Written by Samantha Wishnak and others
1 December, 2011

Nagara Nyrmalya

A short and entertaining Docufilm on progressive Solid Waste Management involving leading actors Ramesh, late Vaishali Kasaravallai, Pratibha Nandakumar, et al.

27 April, 2011

A brief about "Nagara Nyrmala"


The film presents the efforts of "Santhimmi," a Pourakarmika, as she motivates people in her neighborhood to adopt safe solid waste management techniques.