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Overview of ESG Educational Initiatives

Key focus is on Experiential Education

Experiential Educational programs aim to develop a citizenry that is concerned and informed about environmental and social justice issues, and that has the knowledge, attitude, motivations, commitment and skills to work both collectively and as individuals towards solving current problems and preventing new ones. ESG's educational approach involves helping participants engage critically and directly with environmental and social issues. We believe that direct engagement and experience offers the best opportunity to learn about and truly understand society and the world. We are very keen to provide such opportunities to children, students, teachers, researchers and communities so that they may truly understand our society and engage with it responsibly, proactively and progressively in the cause of advancing environmental and social justice.

Teacher Training Workshops

ESG conducts Experiential Workshops aimed at helping teachers understand some of the major environmental and social issues of our times and develop teaching methods and techniques to address them. The broad methodological approach to learning in these workshops is through lectures from leading experts, participant presentations, field visits and case studies relating to issues of concern.

Youth and Childrens Workshops

ESG critically engages children and youth in  workshop based multi-disciplinary learning approach aimed at active engagement in environmental and social justice issues.. Each program has been designed to give students the opportunity to explore significant social, political, and environmental issues using an innovative experiential approach. Our Educational programs exposes students to a wide range of issues and perspectives, requiring students to question deeply around the thematic areas.. The methodology is through interactive discussions, experiential exposures, hands on activity and games.

Collaboration with local schools and colleges

ESG  collaborates with a variety of environmental educational programs with local schools and colleges through a variety of learning methods. ESG has coordinated a number of Experiential Field Visits, Talks, Documentary film based discussions, student workshops and Interaction with local communities and experts to help students understand and appreciate the Environment.

International Collaborations

ESG collaborates with several study abroad programs on a variety of themes for student groups from around the world. The India Programme of the Minnesota Studies in International Development offered by Learning Abroad Centre of University of Minnesota, USA, is ccordinated by ESG at Bangalore, in collaboration with American Institute of Indian Studies.  ESG has also coordinated India Programmes of International Honours Programs, Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad Program and Study abroad programs of University of Washington, Seattle. ESG facilitated guest lectures, field excursions, case studies and interactive discussions and debates which were highly appreciated by and rewarding to the students.

Community Outreach

ESG has advanced the environmental and social justice concerns of local communities, especially project affected communities, by organizing public interest workshops. Some of the workshops have been on specific issues and have included elected representatives, government agencies, judiciary, corporate organisations, the mass media, and civil society organisations. ESG has conducted several workshops for communities to empower them to access information, participation and justice in Environmental decision making. ESG has engaged with communities in the city of Bangalore, Coastal Karnataka, Western Ghats, North Karnataka, Fishing Communities of Kerala, Communities in Orissa and in the North East.