Bangalore's Toxic Legacy Intensifies

Release of ESG Report on: "State of Landfill, Waste Processing Sites & Dumping Grounds, and Working Conditions of Pourakarmikas in Bangalore

Date: 2 March, 2018
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
Venue: Jain University, Palace Road, Bangalore.
Bingipura Landfill


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Participate in Survey of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Bangalore

Date: 5 May, 2014
Venue: Bangalore



In the past two years, many progressive changes have taken place in the way Bangalore manages its waste; changes that have influenced way waste is managed in the rest of Karnataka and even across India.

"Bangalore's Toxic Legacy: Investigating Mavallipura's illegal landfills"

"Bangalore's Toxic Legacy: Investigating Mavallipura's illegal landfills"

Press Release : Bangalore : 4 August 2010

The illegal municipal solid waste management landfills at Mavallipura, apart from inflicting extensive damage on the local community, also point to a larger systemic failure in the management of our urban spaces. We may have turned our backs on the grave and urgent problem of waste disposal in our cities, but events that transpired at Mavallipura have demonstrated how far-reaching the consequences are of such irresponsible and unjust disposal of solid waste.

Nammuru Chandadooru

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Written by G. S. Bhaskar
1 January, 2002

Why Phase Out Ramky Landfill at Mavallipura

A Press Briefing

Written by Sruthi Subbanna
14 October, 2009

Proper management of solid waste produced by households is one of the biggest challenges faced by humanity today. This is especially true in cities across India, where poor land use planning providing community level solid waste management treatment facilities and poor management practices are creating havoc in local neighbourhoods and at dumpsites. Bangalore city itself generates over 3000 tonnes of solid waste each day, and most this is illegally dumped in the periurban areas of the city.

Urgent Update and Call for Action

Mavallipura Landfill in Yelahanka, Bangalore under seige by villagers

7 October, 2009

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