Watch Al Jazeera's The Stream special on ESG's biopiracy case against Monsanto and its implications for agriculture and food security

Derrick Ashong, musician and social entrepreneur, hosted this online programme aired on 24 January 2012

Press Release : Bangalore : 24 January 2012

Al Jazeera's The Stream special focussing on ESG's expose of Monsanto's biopiracy in India while advancing Bt Brinjal, covered a whole range of interconnected issues.

Watch the programme on You Tube.  (Duration: 45 mins.).  


Farming, Food and Environmental Stewardship: Children's Workshop Report

Written by Bhargavi S. Rao
2 May, 2011

Environment Support Group conducted  a three day summer workshop for children to help understand the basics of farming, the importance of food, conservation of natural resources and environmental stewardship, in fostering healthy communities.

Cool Kids Tackle a Hot Planet

Another summer workshop for children (ages 10 - 14)

3 - 7 May, 2010

Fresh from a phenomenally successful, energy filled workshop on combating climate change held for kids, ESG now announces another workshop for children. This time we prefer to call it "Cool Kids tackle a Hot Planet."