Bangalore's own Green Ambassador reminds us of what it took to make Bangalore the greenest city in the 1980s

Even as BBMP and the Government dither on complying with High Court directions to involve citizenry in re-greening efforts

Press Release : Bangalore : 1 December 2014

In "Green lessons from the past"  (published in Deccan Herald, Dec 02, 2014), S. G. Neginhal reveals how extensively and sensitively the Karnataka Forest Department worked to protect the fast depleting greenery of Bangalore during the 1980s.  The article is written by the very man who creatively led the Forest Department's efforts in re-greening Bangalore arduously marshalling popular support and extensive political and administrative endorsement.  His pathbreaking efforts remain largely unacknowledged by the Government to this day. 


Decades later, as the city continues to grow without restraint, the task of protecting greenery and regaining for the metropolis its erstwhile title of "garden city" seems paramount.  Various civil society organisations, including ESG, have rallied public support to tackle lethargy and insensitivity in the administration in dealing with the problem.  Joining cause with this process Justice Shylendra Kumar, when a Judge in the Karnataka High Court, wrote a detailed letter to the Registrar highlighting the massive loss of greenery in the city. The letter was turned suo moto into a Pulblic Interest Litigation by the Principal Bench of the High Court.  ESG worked with the Amicus Curiae and the Forest Wing of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike in bringing together a set of reforms that would assist in re-greening Bangalore with popular support and cooperation.  The Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka recorded these aspects in its final order in W.P. No. 7288/2011, and the same may be accessed above.

Months later, the BBMP is yet to comply with the directions of the Karnataka High Court in constituting citizen led committees to assist in re-greening Bangalore. 


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