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ESG’s PIL Exposing Biopiracy in Bt. Brinjal and questioning Constitutional validity of Sec. 40 of Biological Diversity Act and National Biodiversity Authority Criminal Complaint against representatives of Monsanto et al

Update(30 Nov 2022):

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India by its order dated 22nd November 2022 allowed a Special Leave Petition filed by Environment Support Group [SLP(C) 7951/2014], thus setting aside the 2nd December 2013 decision of the Karnataka High Court transferring the Public Interest Litigation (WP 41532/2012[1]) to the National Green Tribunal. Thereby, ESG’s PIL which questions lack of action by regulatory agencies against acts of biopiracy and which also questions constitutional validity of Sec. 40 of Biological Diversity Act, 2002, is thus restored before the Karnataka High Court, ten years after it was filed.


WP 41532/2012 (PIL) & OA 10/2014 (NGT)

ESG’s PIL against biopiracy and seeking quashing of Normally Traded Commodities Clause

ParticularsDate Filed
Memo of Writ Petition (WP 41532/2012) andIA 1/12 for dispensation of Certified Copies09.10.2012
IA 2/12 for impleading M/s Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. Ltd. 20.11.2012
IA 3/12 for impleading Sathguru Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.20.11.2012
IA 4/12 for impleading Tamil Nadu Agricultural University22.11.2012
Objections by R1 (NBA)15.04.2013
Objections by R2 (MoEF)15.04.2013
Objections by R3 (KSBB)15.04.2013
IA 1/13 for deletion of R5 (UOI, Cabinet Secretary)15.04.2013
Objections by R6 (Mahyco)01.07.2013
Counter Affidavit by R8 (Sathguru)01.07.2013
IA 2/13 for impleadment by Yeshwanth Shenoy16.09.2013
Order dated 02.12.2013 transferring case to NGT02.12.2013
IN NGT: Reply by R6 (Mahyco) dated 28.04.1501.05.2015
IN NGT: Memo by Applicants (ESG) 04.03.2021
IN SLP 7951/2014: Order dated 13.04.2021 staying NGT proceedings13.04.2021
IN NGT: Representations by ESG to NGT requesting adjournments as matter is pending before SC27.11.14 – 25.01.17
IN NGT: Daily Orders
Notice by Court to P1 in WP 41532/12 to file fresh vakalath27.02.2023
Daily Orders in WP 41532/12

Special Leave Petition (C) No. 7951/2014

(SLP challenging order dt. 02.12.2013 passed in WP 41532/12 transferring the WP to NGT)

ParticularsDate Filed
Memorandum of SLP Volume 1 & 205.03.2014
Counter Affidavit by R1 (NBA)26.08.2015
Counter Affidavit by R2 (MoEF)26.08.2015
Counter Affidavit by R3 (KSBB)19.01.2016
List of Citations
Daily orders

Criminal Proceedings

NBA Criminal Complaint against lead representatives of Monsanto, Mahyco, Sadhguru, Univ of Agricultural Sciences (Dharwar), Tamilnadu Agricultural Univ. and Indian Institute of Vegetable Research

PCR 267/12 before Prl Civil Judge & JMFC, Dharwad

CC 579/2012 before Prl Civil Judge & JMFC, Dharwad

Crl P 10002/13 & 10003/13 before HCK, Dharwad Bench

Crl. A 1720/15 & 1721/15 before SC

Private Complaint (see Anx J to the Crl. P. 10002/13)
Orders in PCR 267/12
Orders in CC 579/12 up to 23.08.2022
Crl. P 10002/13 before HCK, Dharwad Bench02.01.2013
Crl P 10003/13 before HCK, Dharwad Bench02.01.2013
Judgement in Crl P 10002/13 & Crl P 10003/1311.10.2013
Orders in Crl. A 1720/15 & 1721/15 before SC

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