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Cool Kids Tackle A Hot Planet

Another summer workshop for children (ages 10 – 14)

3 – 7 May 2010

Fresh from a phenomenally successful, energy filled workshop on combating climate change held for kids, ESG now announces another workshop for children. This time we prefer to call it “Cool Kids tackle a Hot Planet.”

Global warming and Climate Change are the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today and we need to help children understand the causes and impacts of our changing environment and how we contribute to it. It is time children learnt more about the many ways in which we can mitigate this environmental threat and be reassured that it is possible cool our planet. It is also time to understand and appreciate some of our traditional ways of living that are far more sustainable than the market driven consumerist lives that eventually lead to burning of more carbon. This workshop aims to provide an overview of the causes and consequences and explore the ways in which each of us can make a real difference.

The workshop is spread over five days and will include indoor and outdoor sessions that are filled with fun learning activities through films, field visits, stories, games and experiments. In addition to the impacts on environment and health, the workshop will help understand how it will affect our farming and food security. The workshop will take children through a learning journey to understand, appreciate and explore some of our traditional lifestyles that are environmentally, culturally and economically far more feasible through which we can reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.


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