"Bangalore's Toxic Legacy: Investigating Mavallipura's illegal landfills"

"Bangalore's Toxic Legacy: Investigating Mavallipura's illegal landfills"

Press Release : Bangalore : 4 August 2010

The illegal municipal solid waste management landfills at Mavallipura, apart from inflicting extensive damage on the local community, also point to a larger systemic failure in the management of our urban spaces. We may have turned our backs on the grave and urgent problem of waste disposal in our cities, but events that transpired at Mavallipura have demonstrated how far-reaching the consequences are of such irresponsible and unjust disposal of solid waste.

Environment Support Group gets United Nations “WATER FOR LIFE” 2012 Best Practices Award

Comprehensive efforts to conserve Bangalore Lakes that bring together Judiciary, Government and wide public considered strategic to building ecological, water and economic security

Press Release : Bangalore : 23 March 2012


Environment Support Group (ESG) has been awarded the 2012 UN-Water "Water for Life" Best Practices Award in a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome on 22 March 2012, World Water Day.

Karnataka High Court Report promotes People Centre and Ecologically sensitive Lake Rehabilitation in Bangalore

Landmark initiative of Karnataka High Court stops the destruction and degeneration of lakes of Bangalore Over 400 lakes to be immediately protected and rehabilitated in an ecologically wise and socially just manner spread over 1200 sq. kms. of Bangalore urban region

3 March, 2011

Parliament of India Q&A Bulletin


ESG has compiled a bulletin of questions being raised in the XI session of Parliament of India. The purpose of this bulletin is to help researchers and campaignists to closely follow developments in the Parliament on matters pertaining to economic, social and environmental justice issues in India.


Bangalore Revised Comprehensive Development Plan 2015

Wider Public Consultation Demanded

Yavanika, Bnagalore1 January, 1970

Read the representation to the Chief Minister protesting lack of any meaningful public consultation, and violation of significant constitutional provisions of Government of Karnataka, by the Bangalore Development Authority in the process of formulation of the Revised Comprehensive Development Plan of Bangalore - 2015 (Word Doc; HTML)


The Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor


The Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project (BMICP) consists of the construction of a 4-lane (convertible to 6) toll, walled expressway, 5 townships and associated link roads, power plant and supporting infrastructure. The project is slated to cost upwards of Rs. 2000 crore (US$400,000,000). The townships are planned to act as population counter-magnets to Bangalore, thus helping to decongest this burgeoning city.


Barge mounted project - EuroKapital, Germany

ESG was instrumental in lobbying German Parliamentarians during 1997 and forcing the pullout of EuroKapital, a German company that was proposing to locate a barge mounted power plant in the ecologically fragile Mulki-Pavanje estuarine region of Dakshina Kannada.


Campaign against unethical vaccination

ESG successfully initiated a campaign against the abuse of the Hepatitis B vaccination programme by various commercial groups and multi-national corporations.

ESG successfully initiated a campaign against the abuse of the Hepatitis B vaccination programme by various commercial groups and multi-national corporations. As a result of this campaign, the Health Minister of Karnataka ordered a high level enquiry and has written to the Health Minister of India urging the need for a National Immunisation Policy. The Campaign was supported by leading community health expert, Dr. Shirdi Prasad Tekur, Dr. Prakash Rao of the Drug Action Forum, Community Health Cell, St. John's Medical College Hospital and Sanmathi women's group.