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A Movement for Economy of Restraint: A public workshop as a part of Satyagraha for a Sacred Economy

Invitation to “A Movement for Economy of Restraint: A public workshop as a part of Satyagraha for a Sacred Economy” tomorrow at 4:30 pm onward at Xavier Hall, St. Joseph’s Art and Science College, Langford Road, Bengaluru.

Satyagraha for Sacred Economy 26 Sep – 2 Oct in Bengaluru

Gram Seva Sangh is launching a satyagraha for the rejuvenation of the sacred economy. This satyagraha is going to draw the attention of the people and the State towards what we call the Sacred Economy. By sacred economy, we mean that system of production that creates the maximum number of jobs with the least investment in capital and with least… Read more »

National Symposium On ‘The Handmade’

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A Gram Seva Sangh, St. Joseph’s Institute of Management and Environment Support Group initiative 6 January 2018 ; Time: 9 am to 4 pm ; Venue: St. Joseph’s Institute of Management, 28/1, Primrose Road, Ashoknagar, Bangalore 560025. Downloads: Handmade Symposium Poster Handmade Symposium Concept Note Report of the Symposium on “The Handmade” Report of the Symposium on THE HANDMADE… Read more »

Music As The Handmade

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A talk and concert by renowned Carnatic singer T M Krishna 26 November 2017 ; Time: 5 to 7 pm ; Venue: Ragi Kana, off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore is  happy to share with you a video recording of the Talk given by Vidwan Shri T M Krishna on  “Music as the Handmade” Graama Seva Sangh organised this talk and… Read more »

Taayavva: A Musical In Kannada Written And Directed By Prasanna

An historical cultural message 21 November 2017 Downloads: Taayavva: Poster   The idea of this play, the process of which this play is an outcome, and the manner in which this play is performed, make the audience a unique participant in a historical struggle for Justice. And to advance a struggle to correct a historical injustice. In the frenetic pace… Read more »

Sathyagraha Demanding 0% GST On Hand Made Sector

A movement to realise a promise made in the Indian Constitution 19 October 2017 Downloads: Why Sathyagraha for 0% GST on Hand Made Sector Kar CM letter to Fin Min for 0% GST Statement : Bangalore : 19th October 2019 The Sathyagraha demanding 0% GST on hand made sector is a movement to realise a promise made in the Indian… Read more »


Make Hand-Made Tax Free 14 October 2017 Downloads: Sathyagraha Call (Circulated in the National Interest and to Secure the Present and Futures of Millions of Artisans of India at the request of Graama Seva Sangha) JOIN THE TAX DENIAL SATHYAGRAHA DEMAND COMPREHENSIVE WITHDRAWAL OF GST ON HAND MADE GOODS SECTOR Make Hand-Made Tax Free Indefinite Sathyagraha starts on 14th October… Read more »