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Contextualising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s use of Indian Science Congress

NALSAR’s Environmental Law and Practice Review is a peer reviewed journal. See Leo Saldanha’s publication entitled “A Critical Examination of The State of Environmental Governance under Prime Minister – Narendra Modi” published in Vol 6, 2018 of the journal. In this essay, Saldanha “warns that the Environment has taken the figurative backseat on the incumbent governments priorities. The paper argues… Read more »

Karnataka High Court monitors state of Solid Waste Management in Bangalore

In July 2012, ‘landfills’ were shut down in Mavallipura, a village 30 kms. north of Bangalore, due to mobilisation by Dalit Sangarsh Samithi and ESG. These ‘landfills’ were essentially village grazing pastures and forest, and here the waste was being dumped, and for over a decade, resulting in a range a healthy and environmental problems. ESG has documented these impacts… Read more »

An Invitation to Join Survey of Lakes of Bangalore as Wetland Ecosystems and Waterfowl Habitats

Principal Bench of the Karnataka High Court headed by Chief Justice Mr. Abhay Oka has directed the State Government to extend assistance for the survey of Lakes of Bangalore as Waterfowl Habitats

ESG’s legal, educational and research efforts to reclaim, protect and rehabilitate lakes and raja kaluves (canals) of Karnataka for posterity

Browse through and learn how you can be part of a growing movement to protect lakes and other wetlands of Karnataka, and rehabilitate them in ecologically wise and socially just ways.

PILs Challenge Imposition of Curfew on Bangalore preventing protests against CAA/NRC

Public Interest Litigations were filed in the morning of 19th December 2019 challenging the imposition of Sec 144 of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973,[1] across Bangalore. The impugned order was issued late in the night of 18thDecember by Mr. Bhaskar Rao, IPS, Bangalore Police Commissioner and effective till midnight of 21st December 2019[2].  The implication of this order is that curfew is declared… Read more »

Coalition for Environmental Justice in India urges Leonardo Dicaprio to back down on his endorsement of ‘Cauvery Calling’

Dear Mr. DiCaprio,                              You have taken enormous responsibility in playing a leading role in promoting rights of indigenous communities, protecting wildlife, case sensitively promoting conservation strategies, and, needless to state, pushing for clear action to tackle global warming.  Your actions are globally influential and help boost, and immensely, positive and progressive efforts for human rights and the environment.  Which, we are sure,… Read more »

Bengaluru’s street vendors: A vibrant community deprived of rights

Why is the state blind to the needs of a small but significant community of street vendors? Why is there a delay in implementing the provisions of Street Vendors Act? What does it take to conduct surveys, identify street vendors, issue ID cards, form Town Vending Committees, allot vending zones and make the city vibrant for these self-sustaining low-carbon-emitting livelihoods? Bhargavi S. Rao brings context to these questions.

Workshop Invite: How to Conduct a Survey of Wards of Bengaluru?

Learn the Why and How of conducting in-depth survey of your ward to make Bengaluru a more healthy, progressive, inclusive, sustainable and climate resilient city.

Bengaluru marches to save All Saints Church from Metro mess

Bangalore Metro is proposing to dump its tunnelling equipment in the Sacred Grove of All Saints Church. This will destroy its sacred grove, permanently. And can destabilise and destroy the church as well. It is being done wholly illegally and blatant violation of High Court orders. Come join the Rally to protest this abuse of power and save a sacred… Read more »

Invitation to Conduct Survey of Status of BBMP Wards in Bengaluru

An invitation to prepare a ground up assessment of planning and governance in Bengaluru metropolis by conducting a Citizen led Survey of the State of BBMP Wards.