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Tearing Through The Water Landscape ESG has produced a comprehensive critique of the weak review of the environmental and social impacts of the POSCO project, and how this has resulted in making project affected communities into a 'rightless people'. Read more. reports, POSCO
Nagara Nyrmalya Watch "Santhimmi", a Pourakarmika, promote progressive SWM techniques. This entertaining human drama presents the efforts of "Santhimmi," a Pourakarmika, as she motivates people in her neighbourhood to adopt safe solid waste management techniques. Read more. films, teaching resources, local schools, teacher training
India-China: Future Cities Swissnex brief film on "Future Cities" Read more. films
A brief study of Street Vendors in the city of Bengaluru Street vendors have been an inherent part of our lives. The report aims to educate and sensitize people and communities likewise on the problems faced today by street vendors of Bangalore city. Read more. metro
Bangalore's Toxic Legacy Investigating Mavallipura's Illegal Landfills Water analysis report revealing the extent of toxicity in ground and surface water at Mavallipura village Read more. mavallipura
Posters on Bt Brinjal legal violations Bt Brinjal Read more. community outreach, biodiversity, brinjal, resources
FAQ on How Biological Diversity Act applies to the approval of Bt Brinjal (GMO) in India FAQ on How Biological Diversity Act applies to the approval of Bt Brinjal (GMO) in India Read more. community outreach, biodiversity, brinjal, resources
Why Phase Out Ramky Landfill at Mavallipura Proper management of solid waste produced by households is one of the biggest challenges faced by humanity today. This is especially true in cities across India, where poor land use planning providing community level solid waste management treatment Read more. mavallipura
Urgent Update and Call for Action Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing from the Ramky landfill in Mavallipura village near Yelahanka, Bangalore. Since this morning local villagers have gathered to discuss with various officials of BBMP who are on a site visit to the facility. Read more. mavallipura
A survey of the Bamboo Weavers on K.R.Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore Bangalore Metro which has been looked at as an emblem of modernity passes through the stretch inhabited by bamboo weavers. The study looks at the impact on the community because of this metro project. Read more. metro